Posing Like a Pro

October 7, 2019

Y’all so unless your day job is some sort of model or actor, the only camera you most likely see yourself through regularly is the one attached to the phone you’re probably reading this on right now. If I had to guess I would say that the posing techniques you’re using on Snapchat are not the same poses you would like to use for a professional photo session…am I right?

We all get a little stiff whenever we get in front of the camera, we suddenly become self-conscious of everything that our bodies are doing or not doing. We try to cover up all the self-conscious body issues we have. We try to act natural and find that posing natural in front of a camera suddenly looks like we cheesin’ hard back in the early ‘80s again.

While there are tons of tips and tricks to help look your best on camera. I’m going to give you three of the easiest to master that goes a long way, in a professional photo…or maybe even just for your Instagram.

This one is the simplest. Yet this may be one that we correct the most, because it is so subconscious. This one little half a thought trick will make you look taller, thinner, and healthier. It will elongate your body and neck giving you a more confident look in your photos. What is it? Stand up straight. WHAT? What mom used to nag you to do? Yep. That simple, good posture. Everyone forgets this when they get in front of a camera. Think about it, the last time you went out with a bunch of friends or family you hadn’t seen in awhile and wanted to take a photo to commemorate the gathering, most likely the first thing you did (because we are all guilty of it) is throw your arm around the person beside you and kind of hunch over close to each other. Everyone does it. It happens all the time. It is not the most flattering look. Instead stand up tall, with a strong spine and you will love how much better you look just from something so easy.

How many times have you posed for a photo and felt just like Ricky Bobby? “WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS?” This one can be a bit tricky, but our clients always hear us say soft fingers. Soft fingers? What are those? Its just a quick way to say relax your hands and fingers too. A slight curl in all your fingers and keeping your palm relaxed gives the most natural look. Be sure to remember this during your next photo session!

“such a flattering look”

This may be one of my favorite tips. It is an insider trade secret 99% of photographers will never put on their blogs. Maybe because they don’t know or maybe because they hope to be like a magician and not tell you their secrets. Kala and I want you to look and feel the best you every time you’re in front of the camera. So here it is. Anytime you pose, create a little space between your arm and your side. Just an inch or so.

Try it now!

Put your arms as tight against your body as you can. Now move them off your body just slightly creating a little bit of space. Automatically this will make your arms look slimmer. This is such a flattering look and one of our favorites to use.

 BOOM! There you go three super simple tips for next time to help you look and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Whether it is with us or maybe just your Facebook story!

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