Ellen & Jimmy’s Engagements

November 22, 2019

During our extended stay in the western part of the state Ellen and Jimmy met us at one of our favorite venues to work at, Taylor Made Farms in Taylorsville, NC. Everything worked out so perfectly because Ellen and Jimmy were staying close by with Ellen’s Mom Diane, who braved the cold and hung out with us during their photos!

We had the best time with them! It didn’t take long for us to realize during our time together that Jimmy absolutely loves giving Ellen a hard time. From tickling to telling her she had lipstick on her teeth when she didn’t, anything he could do just to mess with her and get a good laugh for himself. I’m not sure she found it as humorous as we did. She said it never stops even at home! We did learn that while Ellen is super detail oriented as she is a dance instructor, Jimmy is not so inclined with the stories they told of him trying to get ready.

Making our job easy these two had two outfit changes and tons of smiles. Ellen did a fantastic job not looking like she was freezing. We found out when we met them that they are HUGE NC State fans. Both grew up tailgating at NC State football games not 50 feet apart from each other! How crazy is that?! Kinda makes you realize how small the world is. Then Sunday Jimmy dropped another crazy small world detail, he lived in Beckley, West Virginia for about 10 years. Where I am from (this is Reg)! Y’all come on, you must believe its small now right?

Even though peak foliage has already passed for the season. The beautiful mountain views were still great along the entire range. We were able to use the venue’s new fireplace and gorgeous vintage pews. Not to mention one of our favorite secret gems is the luxury gate at the entrance, which made for amazing photos of Ellen and Jimmy. Their love for each other really shown through the camera during these. Authentic smiles and genuine laughter were aplenty!

Jimmy and Ellen are going to say I do next year on August 8th. Ellen has incorporated her kids that she is a nanny for into her wedding. Isn’t that just the best? We are so excited for their new adventure. 

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