Kirstie + Davie’s Engagement Session

February 2, 2023

It is not everyday that you get to meet and become best friends with new people. When we first met Kirstie and Davie we had just pulled up to a rainy, cloudy, not the best looking day for engagement photos at Wrightsville Beach. But up walks this down to earth, fun, great sense of humor, power couple. How do I know. Well IYKYK. You can just tell.

One phenomenal compliment we get from clients like Kirstie and Davie is when they just trust us, when we haven’t even given them a reason to yet. How did they trust us? Everyone dreams of the perfect sunset for photos, but what happens if it’s not? What happens when it is dreary and bleak? What happens when what you think you need for perfect weather isn’t perfect? You still get perfect photos. Different doesn’t mean bad, it just means different, and I am so happy to say, that this time. Different meant better.

Walking out to the beach we started up on a huge sand dune. What Kirstie and Davie failed to mention to us beforehand is that not only are they a power couple, they are professional models…well not really, but they just fell right into those poses as if it was their day job. Can we take just a minute to talk about their outfit choice?!? I mean we send a style guide to all of our wedding clients, but these two look as if they wrote the guide. I’m assuming it was all Kirstie’s planning, but Davie can rock some chinos.

As we progressed through the session to the next location right behind where we were shooting came a huge, complete arc, leprechaun with gold at the end, I mean HUGE rainbow. Not just a rainbow that is barely there and is hard to see. I mean a rainbow that made sure everyone there knew about it. We had to take advantage, and it didn’t disappoint. Throughout most of the session it was still there. That will never happen on a sunny day. Beautiful.

Remember I said sometimes different means better? Not only did we get this amazing rainbow we also got this upper northeast, off the coast of Maine vibe, with the foggy rock jetty and seagulls flying through. How many heart eye emojis can you put on these!

Absolutely stunning photos and did I mention my excitement to get to their wedding day. Which is New Years Eve this year! They gave us a notice to come prepared to party. We are ready! Be sure to congratulate the couple in the comments!

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