Brooke and Wade’s Engagements

March 12, 2023

Okay let’s talk about these photos before I talk about this couple. I am so in love with these photos on the rocks. This is what engagement photos means. These photos encapsulates new love that is starting their journey of marriage. This is what the beginning of their story looks like. This is what they get to look back on 75 years from now. The beginning of this story is so good it could be in a book, or a movie. Say hello to the stars of this film. Brooke and Wade.

These two exude happiness. It was incredibly easy to have genuine smiles because they just smile genuinely when they are with each other. It was honestly contagious. I cannot believe Kala and I get to double date…I mean work hard intensely photographing amazing couples like this. Brooke and Wade are one couple that we absolutely adore!

Starting in the trees at Fort Fisher with the glowing evening light was outright breath taking. Moving on through the session we walked down to the rocks using those and the pillars on the beach created some of my favorite shots from the session. Then to the jetty. Even though it had been a little cloudy for about 30 minutes, the sun sank low enough in the sky and created an amazing sunset and the glow was perfect on their skin tones.

One of the things we noticed about Brooke and Wade during their wedding consult was how well we connected, these people are fun. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They like to laugh. They are the epitome of the “it” couple.

One of the coolest things Kala and I love is when our couples make the photo experience and entire experience and not just a box to check. Wade and Brooke not only came to Kure Beach to take photos but spent the night and were able to spend the day at the beach before their session and relax and get to enjoy time with each other.

After walking this journey with over 300 couples in our professional experience you only get to get married once. Enjoying the entire adventure of your engagement season leading up to your wedding day is the way to do it. Do all of the tastings. Try all of the drinks. Go on the trips for photos. Go all in during posing. You’re going to do it anyway, do it right and have fun. In our opinion Brooke and Wade is a couple that is doing it right.

We are so excited for their wedding at Melrose Knitting Mill in downtown Raleigh! It is coming up fast!

Did I forget to mention, some of our favorite film photos came from this session. ALL THE HEART EYE EMOJIS!!!

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