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I can never keep my beard the same length. I'll go from business to burly man inside a month.

Coffee starts my day. Literally I'll snooze the alarm clock until the smell floods the room.

If I could live anywhere, it would be in the Harry Potter books.

I grew up on the football field, now I spend my spare time catching up on scores and stats.

Dave Ramsey fanatic! "Live like no one else now, to live like no one else later."

I'd rather be soaking in the sun, sitting in my chair on the beach right now.

Let's Go MOUNTAINEERS! Proud of my West Virginia coal miner roots!


fast facts

reggie hurst

I can cook anything! We just have to order pizza after.

Babies, puppies, and kittens are all my favorite things.

Any music will bring out my bad dance moves.

I love shark movies, even though I am completely scared to get in the water.

I'm always full after dinner, but there is always room for cheesecake.

No set of pajamas is complete without a pair of fuzzy socks!

I love 2 minute runs, mainly because I can only run for 2 minutes.


fast facts

kala hurst

We know what's most important to you and we strive to capture every little detail.

WE'RE OPPOSITES! At least opposites attract, right!? With Reg's passion for big-picture moments and Kala's attention to the tiniest of details, we got you covered!

We understand that wedding photography is an investment, so we promise that our mission is to prove to you why we love doing what we do.



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Reggie and Kala Hurst are a husband & wife photography duo in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Beginning as hobbyist they turned their love of photography into a successful photography business.

They specialize in wedding photography, primarily serving couples throughout their home state, but love the travel that comes with the job.

Asking them achieving their dreams isn't as important as the couples  and families they serve.