a husband & wife duo based in Raleigh, NC

While we would love to say we always dreamed of being camera magicians from the beginning, this successful business started as a hobby and quickly grew. With more than 7years of experience and thousands of sessions hundreds weddings, we adore what we do. Being part of capturing your story is simply the best! We specialize in wedding photography, primarily serving couples throughout North Carolina, but we love the travel that comes with this incredible job.

Coffee starts my day.
A large, hot, caramel macchiato latte.

If I could live anywhere, it would be in the Harry Potter books.

I grew up on throwing a football on the field, now I use my talent to throw our sons' diapers in the trash from down the hall.

Dave Ramsey fanatic!
"Live like no one else now, to live like no one else later."

I can never keep my beard the same length. I'll go from burly to business, back to bodacious inside a month.

Let's Go MOUNTAINEERS! Proud of my West Virginia coal miner roots!

Yes, please.
Red or white?
Yes, please.

I love old music. Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and
Earth, Wind, and Fire

I'm cursed with the constant need to be busy.
Enneagram type 1w8.

My hidden talent:
I can sing all the parts to every Disney movie song.

I tell myself everyday,
"I'm going to the gym tomorrow."
Tomorrow will get here one day.


I can cook anything! Sometimes we eat it sometimes the dogs do.

I was just promoted to chief breakfast officer.

Any music will bring out my bad dance moves.

I love shark movies, even though I am completely scared to get in the water.

I'm always full after dinner, but there is always room for cheesecake.

No set of pajamas is complete without a pair of fuzzy socks!

I love long romantic walks to the pantry for some cereal.

Hobby Lobby
Is my hobby.

My favorite date, was when Reg took me to meet baby tigers.

Favorite food?
Iced Coffee

I'd like to visit Australia one day.