I'm Taylor! Brand photographer and business coach based in Wilmington, North Carolina. I'll help you how to create a knockout brand and show up confidently online.

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The everyday tools we use for photography, our business, and life! As a note, we are an affiliate for some of these companies, which means I get a kickback if you use my code or link. I only recommend tools I personally use and love!



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Favorite Softwares

save 50% on flodesk!

Start sending gorgeous emails. FloDesk is an easy to use email software. Use code "regandkala" for 50% off!


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Save 50% on FloDesk

Hate your website? You won't when you use Showit. Showit, they make building your website EASY!


save 25% on Honeybook!

This is literally how we run our business. Payments, contracts, questionnaires, and timelines! This changed our business.


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Get the Deets

Miller's Professional Imaging has the best quaility prints we have ever seen. Do you clients a favor and switch today.

Miller's Lab

Save 20% on Cloudspot

The absolute BEST technology for sharing client galleries. So easy your grandma can use it!


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Game Changer! We went from hours of sorting to minutes. Need I say more?

Photo Mechanic

its free!

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Booking shouldn't take 20 emails. Calendly makes it as easy as date, time, booked!


Take a look

Newborns in photoshop, ew. Best software by far to edit newborns or headshots.


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Ssshhh! Don't tell our clients, photoshop is sooo 2007. Better quality and easier to use. 


things We can't live without

Favorite Gear

What's in
her bag

Snacks. Weddings or mini sessions it doesn't matter. I'm taking a snack. I am making a Starbucks stop on the way to any session. 

for self care

My toolbox with lay flat décor. Crochet needle for wedding dresses. I always screen shot the timeline so no internet issues. 

Secret Weapons

Nikon D750
85 mm 1.4 nikkor lens
70-200 mm 4.0 nikkor lens

can't live without

Mints - doesn't matter what kind, but its almost an obsession, I can go through multiple boxes a day. I should see someone about it. 

for self care

I always have a pocket comb, a flash light, and a safety pin. There is a dad joke on standby if a bride starts to tear up lol.

Secret Weapons

Nikon D750
50 mm 1.8 nikkor lens
24-120 mm 4.0 nikkor lens

can't live without

What's in
his bag

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Do you ever freeze up during a portrait session?
This is how we deliver consistent client experiences every time.

Portait sessions

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The MOST chaotic time of the wedding day. This guide is how we smooth it out.

How to family Formals

We are both readers, but Reg goes through 2-3 a month. From business, to faith, and self reflection books, these are the reads he recommends to all of our friends! 

What's On Reg's Bookshelf

The Ramsey Show // For managing money

The Dr John Delony Show
 // For mental health

Garden of Favor // For women in business

Business Journey // For mini session inspiration

We Got you // For practical business advice

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