Taylor & Jared

July 5, 2019

We are so excited to share with you one of our most fun couples from this wedding season, Taylor & Jared! It’s no surprise that these two are beautiful and meant to be but being part of their wedding day was such an honor. I mean as soon as we arrived, the sounds of Beyonce’ lead to the bridal suite, so we already knew it was going to be an amazing day. Not to mention, we were at one of the most gorgeous venues in Hickory, Warehouse 18. We always love going back there, because the building is simply timeless!

Let’s talk first looks. Most couples love the element of surprise. When you’re walking down the aisle, totally flawless, feeling like a princess and lo and behold! Your sweet love sees you for the first time at the other end. There is nothing like it! So sweet with all the emotions! I still remember walking down to join Reg at our wedding. Surrounded by all our family and friends. Ah! It’s a magical moment I’ll never forget. Even though I love this moment so much, everything goes by so quickly! I wish we would have had a moment to spend together and just take it all in. This is one reason we really encourage considering a first look. It is an amazing opportunity to spend a few moments of quiet time together and get some of the nerves out of the way. You can really connect with a bit of privacy and breathe deep before actually tying the knot. Wedding days can be a whirlwind! First looks are also an awesome chance to get through lots of photos beforehand. You know what that means!? Getting to the reception sooner!!!

Never in my life would I have ever thought we would shoot a first look like the one Taylor had in mind. Being the wonderful, loving pug parents they are Taylor thought what better way to incorporate their pug love than within the first look! You’ll have to see the photos for yourself. They are priceless! And if you like their first look, you’ll be sure to enjoy how this couple showed their love for one another with their tiny hands!!

During their ceremony Jared gave his vowels to Taylor. Accidently or maybe subliminally Jared slipped and said that he would always pay for her….err PRAY for her!! With a wink Taylor was quick to throw in a “you’ll do that too right??” A wonderful lighthearted moment in such a timeless and classic ceremony.

Then was time for the reception!! Now we all know one couple that fun just seems to hang around them for …well…fun! That is Taylor & Jared! Their bridal party! And their family! So this reception was hopping!! Dancing started even before dinner was served. OH! and did I mention dinner was a PIZZA BAR!! WHAAAAT!?!?! After dinner the dancing! WOW the dancing!!! Jared was warned before the wedding “no dance offs!” Because he couldn’t bust the seams out of another pair of pants this year!!

Definitely one of the best wedding celebrations we have been apart of! We wish Taylor and Jared the best in what we can only imagine will be a loving, classic, and fun marriage!

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