Ashleigh & Patrick

July 6, 2019

Okay people. Have you ever been putting together a 500 piece puzzle even though you knew you wouldn’t finish it (cough Kala) and spotted two pieces on the table and before picking them up or even putting them together you just knew they would fit, they were made to go together. Well allow me to introduce you to Ashleigh and Patrick.

First of all they are definitely the cutest couple in the world, we already took a vote. They are so complimentary to each other. Keeping each other both lifted up and grounded at the same time. Genuinely smiling, happy, and in love. You can even see it in their images, I mean are these two photogenic or what?!?

Typically our soon-to-be grooms are the least excited of the two to be taking photos. Not in this case, Patrick was a pro holding a pose. He would have won the mannequin challenge no problem. Even suggesting ideas and poses! Ashleigh so kind and sweet, she was excited to meet us for the first time and discuss wedding day excitement!

We are absolutely thrilled to have them on the blog. We can’t wait until their wedding day, 2020!!! We wish them the best in finishing their wedding planning in the coming months, and we hope all of the other wedding pieces comes together easily for yall!

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