Our 5 Year Business Anniversary!

August 20, 2019

We still can’t believe it has been five years since starting the business of our dreams! Having the opportunity to work together, while serving our clients, is the most incredible blessing. If someone would have told us five years ago, this is where we would be today, we probably wouldn’t have believed it! Creating and running a small business has been one of the biggest challenges we have faced as husband and wife. But we have learned developing your dream career isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time, sacrifice, patience, and most importantly teamwork to grow in your business. We thought it would be nice to give our friends a little bit of insight what we do, how we work, and lastly why we love photography so much!

               To us, being a wedding photographer is the coolest job in the world! But what exactly do we do? Some people think we just take pictures, because that’s really all you’ll ever see us do. They don’t see the sorting through thousands of images to find the best ones, all the editing and retouching afterwards, uploading and organizing to create the perfect album, and that’s okay! Honestly, there aren’t enough titles in the world for us especially on a wedding day! We are timekeepers, dress fluffers, boutonniere pinning experts, hair patrol, lipstick holders, phone sitters, snack-packers, professional hype-girls, and basically anything you need on your wedding day. We are here to help make your day everything you could have imagined, and we love doing it! We help find the perfect locations for your engagement photos and bridal portraits. We pose in a way that makes our clients look their most natural and truly express them. I’ll never forget the first time one of our brides told us she had never felt more beautiful after receiving her bridal gallery. It is still one of the best compliments we’ve ever gotten! It is so important to us that you love your images as much as we do.

We have also learned through the years; we may not always be the best fit for everyone. Everyone likes different styles of photography. Some people love the warm, dramatic art in an image and some people love bright, airy, and colorful images. Some people like camera centered, studio style portraits and others like candid, natural light photography. We don’t always have chemistry with every couple we meet and that’s okay too. We want to be the best fit for you just as much as you are the best fit for us, because we’re going to be spending a lot of time together!

Wedding days are where we shine! We get to see your day through completely different eyes. We see the family and friends arriving with excitement, all the beautiful and important last minute touches vendors make, mom buttoning up her little girl’s dress for probably the last time she’ll ever need her to, the groom’s anticipation while standing at the top of the aisle, the tears the parents cry in the front row, the grandparents that everyone was praying could make it to this day, and we get to experience all of that while preserving it for our couples. It makes our hearts so happy to do this for people. This journey is not just a job for us. Creating and keeping a trusting relationship with our bride and groom is what we live for! Our past couples can vouch, be prepared to see our friend requests and GIF’s on all your cute posts, even years down the road.

               I could go on and on about how incredible these past five years together has been for us. The personal growth we’ve had, the amazing faces we’ve met, and the heart we have for this business is so satisfying. Not to mention, working alongside your better half makes for a fun day. We push each other, we encourage each other to be better, and we love through it all. We are so grateful of each client we have had the chance to serve and we love keeping up with y’all on social media! Sharing and preserving the best moments in your lives is an honor. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting, liking, commenting, and sharing Reg & Kala Photography. Here’s to many more happy years of business. Cheers!

Photos by our lovely friend, Alina Ligia Photography

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