Amanda & Jeremy’s Wedding!!

September 21, 2019

Kala and I don’t consider ourselves “Celebrity Wedding Photographers”….probably because we’ve never photographed a celebrity wedding, but the last Saturday in August we felt like celebrity photographers. The attractive couple was none other than the now newlyweds, Amanda and Jeremy Repass. These two look like something off of the New York Fashion Week Runway. As great as Amanda and Jeremy are as individuals, they are even better when they are together. They compliment each other. Seeing these two together, you feel like they have been a part of each other’s souls for a long time.

We entered Noah’s Event Venue just before Amanda and her bridesmaids. As Amanda walked through she had to turn back into the lobby and start fanning her eyes keeping her makeup from running because she was overcome with the combined beauty of the decorations by The Perfect Day along with the gorgeous dining hall at Noah’s Event Venue. The Ceremony area was elegant with simple decorations. Tall floor lanterns, rose petals lining the aisle, and a scenic arbor located at the front where the couple would stand gave a timeless picturesque look. Amanda wanted Kala and I to make sure we took several photos of a surprise that she had for Jeremy. Knowing Jeremy’s love for UNC Chapel Hill, she had ordered a special UNC guarder just for Jeremy to keep.

After Amanda was tucked away in the Bridal Suite, Jeremy and the groomsmen came into the venue. Jeremy had a mix of emotions of excitement, joy, and some anxiousness. Amanda sent her Maid of Honor Megan with a special love letter for Jeremy, before the ceremony. Jeremy walked outside, overcome with emotion from the words of his bride.  

The guests were seated, the bridal party lined up, the processional began with the groomsmen walking in. The bridesmaids followed, tottering behind were 2 flower girls and a ring bearer. The guest in attendance stood as the bride’s song played. As Amanda and her dad turned the corner entering the great hall Jeremy had an overflow of sentiments bubble up and spill out at the sight of his stunning wife and the love and joy of the day surrounding them. Amanda admitting later it took everything she had to save her makeup and not to mirror the same emotions. After the tying of 3 cords, vows, rings, and the kiss the couple was presented as Mr. & Mrs. Repass.

During formal and bridal party photos we learned that this is one of the most fun bridal parties ever. If you can’t tell from the images below the groomsmen were borderline wild with just a touch of crazy. They really let loose during the reception which was entertaining and amusing to watch and be a part of. The bridesmaids were not to be outdone, if there weren’t always at least three bridesmaids on the dance floor there wasn’t one. They were constantly pulling new people on the floor, keeping the party going with the help of DJ Special D. This DJ was astounding. He kept the celebration moving, called out dances, pumped up the music, and even slowed it down when Jeremy had a special song request he wanted to dance with his new wife at the end of the night.

One of the sweetest moments came from the toasts. Amanda’s father, Drew, Jeremy’s brother, John, and Amanda’s Maid of Honor, Megan, all delivered the most beautiful, hilarious, heartfelt toasts. Each reminisced on good times, made light of bad times, and looked forward to what the new chapter holds.

Kala and I have the best job in the world. We are always around people in the best times of their life. We get to join in on the joy, happiness, celebration, and excitement as they fill the air. We love being photographers. The only thing we love more is when a couple makes us their photographers, I don’t mean they hire us to come photograph, I mean they look at us just like they look at their family physician, dentist, or insurance agent. We are their photographers; they make us feel like family when we are with them. This is exactly how Amanda and Jeremy treated us. It’s no shock that as pleasant that this couple can do this, after seeing how they are with their entire guest list.

Amanda and Jeremy are a kind, softhearted, and a first-class couple. We are happy to share these photos with you below. 

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