Choosing Bridal Party Gifts

October 7, 2019

Bridals party gifts are one of those little things that you fret over for weeks before searching Pinterest, Google, and Amazon to find something all your guys or girls would like as small thank you for being beside you on your most unforgettable day. Finding the right gift can be difficult. There is such a range on type and cost it can leave you spinning in circles until you’ve procrastinated until the last week before your wedding and you make a rushed decision out of urgency. Kala and I have seen so many great gifts we thought we would share what we have seen most bridal parties really love to help make your decision easier.

There are literally hundreds of bridesmaid gifts you can get your girls, but do you want to know the one that is the most fun? Robes. Fun silk robes to wear when y’all are getting ready on your big day are super fun. It is something they can keep and use after your wedding too! Robes make the best photos! Whenever one of our brides gives her girls robes, we always take what we call the sorority pose!

Look one of course that you can never go wrong with is jewelry. A small necklace or locket is perfect. It is something they can keep and wear again. Each time remembering your day and your special bond.

If there is one thing all bridesmaids love its bags! Small totes, luggage, and pocketbooks. The only thing that makes these bags 100x better is MANOGRAMING!! Your bridesmaid’s initials on say…a new makeup case is the perfect present and will always be appreciated.

Guys are a little more simple…no surprise there. Two that has always and for good reason been a groomsmen favorite is watches and SOCKS!! These are an amazing gifts because you have a huge range of types and prices, so it can for sure fit in any budget that you have.

I think the biggest key to selecting the right watch for your groomsmen is to read them right. Are your guys technical? Are they traditional? This is important because maybe your guys are Apple Watch guys or maybe simple faced analog watches fit them the best. As far as socks this one is even easier, make sure they are fun and crazy, your guys will love them and they make great photos.

Another classic are flasks, not to be outdone by the newer generation stainless steel tumblers. Super similar but also both having different benefits. Your groomsmen will appreciate either one. Both are items that every guy needs to have in his inventory.

Maybe the first two aren’t what you are looking for. You know your guys, and you want something different for them. Everyone knows that I have a beard, I’ve only been clean shaven once since I was 15….its not a good look for me. But most of my friends have beards so one unique gift that I would get my guys now if we were getting married is beard oil, balm, or butter. Helps make your beard healthier, softer, and smoother. You can always find something over the counter, or you can find a local company like Ruddy Man Grooming. Owner Jimmy Atkins has made a quality product that bearded bros will love. Maybe this is the right go to gift for your guys. Hopefully one of these recommendations are will assist in making your decision on which is right for your bridal party.

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