Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding

October 7, 2019

We are a rocks throw from 2020. In elementary school I really thought we would have full out Jetsons flying cars by now, instead we have pizza scissors…while they seem convenient, I just felt like we would be further along. Its news to no one that phones have cameras, tablets have cameras, and people have cameras. These items are great technology for people to own, but during your wedding day, especially your ceremony they are unnecessary for them to use. Having an unplugged ceremony or wedding just means that you ask all your guests to keep their electronics away and for them to enjoy your day.

“you give them the gift of being genuinely connected by disconnecting”

Having your guest unplug and disconnect is doing them a favor. Though maybe they don’t realize it because we are so conformed to having our phones attached like an appendage. You invited each person directly; you love each person that is seated during that day. Why not love them so much that you give them the gift of being genuinely connected by disconnecting. Connected to the ceremony, connected to you and your fiancé, and connected to the other guests around them. Watching you profess your love to your spouse through the 5 inch phone screen is not a real connection. Unplug.

” We know you want every one of your wedding photos to look as timeless and elegant as possible”

Your guests are happy for you. That’s why they are there. Sometimes it is hard for them to understand why you wouldn’t want them to snap a few of you walking down the aisle on their iPhone. They sincerely mean well, but this compromises your professional photos. Maybe you are one of our brides, we know you have invested in us for a reason. We know you want every one of your wedding photos to look as timeless and elegant as possible, but that imagery is hindered when Uncle Joe is standing in the aisle holding his tablet with the flash on as you walk up the aisle to your groom (true story). We know you don’t want us to miss a moment, and right as you go to kiss and Aunt Sally steps into the aisle to get her phone shot, causing our camera to refocus on her, severely limiting the quality and quantity of photos of the biggest moment in your day (also true story).

Before you say “I do,” lets look 50 years down the road. Your much older. Some memories are starting to fade, but you still have your love beside you and its your anniversary. To celebrate you take out your album and you look through your wedding photos. You see your dad giving you away, behind you both slightly out of focus in the background you see your mom and your brother. Are they looking at you? Is your mom happy crying? Is your brother smiling, proud and joyful? On the second row is the extended family standing, dabbing eyes and blissful to be there? Slightly further back are your cousins and friends smiling and cheerful? Do these old photos remind you of your grand-parent’s albums, timeless and classic? Or when you look at the future photos in your mind’s eye just beyond your dad giving you away, where your mom and brother’s faces should be do you see the backs of Motorolas and iPhones. The second row is littered with more Apple and Samsung, and the further rows are block from view because of the devices?

“they will…forget that you even asked”

These are the reasons we recommend unplugging your ceremony. The request is so minimal that after the guests leave they will most likely forget that you even asked this of them. The incentive for doing so will be delivered in your timeless photos you’ll keep forever.

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