The Grows Fall Minis!

October 9, 2019

Our first fall mini session of the year was with The Grows!! Landry and Cara have the most beautiful little family. This was the first time they had ever had professional photos taken and let me tell you they followed our style guide to the T! Cara and Landry are relatively new to the Raleigh area, moving here last year, before their son, Wilder, was born. Their girls are like two little mommies. They help care for and love their little brother.  

so much personality

Since the girls were so helpful we were even able to get some beautiful couple photos of just Landry and Cara. Avery and Lila did a fantastic job in the photos too. I mean little Avery has so much personality and possibly a little mischievous streak in her, you can even see it in her pictures! Lila is a super sweet and definitely a first born. Assisting her parents and younger siblings you can tell that she is the little helper at the house.

rocked their session!

Oh and did I forget to mention that right as they arrived on location at Water’s Edge at Tart Farm they must have brought some rain with them? We had to hide inside for a few minutes while the single rain cloud passed by. Even with the inconvenience this family went out right after it cleared up and rocked their session! We are so happy to share their photos!

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