Vicky’s Bridals

October 20, 2019

Listen. I’m sure there is some state in the US…I don’t know…probably out west somewhere that the weather cooperates with photographers. Its predictable, if is going to rain it does, if its going to snow it does, if its going to be sunny…well it is. Unfortunately, North Carolina is not that state.

Vicky has hair and makeup done, dress on, and is ready to shine in her bridal portraits. Meanwhile three different weather stations show a 10% chance of rain—WHILE IT IS POURING DOWN! UGH!

So, we make a quick call to one of our venue friends that are close by with our fingers crossed they are open, available, and willing to let us make a serious last second location change. Thankfully Waters Edge at Tart Farm was so accommodating; two of the owners Ronnie and Marla even changed their dinner arrangements, allowing us to come by and photograph this gorgeous bride.

Vicky arrived a little anxious from the hectic last-minute changes and understandably stressed from the rain but looking stunning. Once we got started all those worries melted away with the rain as the cameras started snapping. Vicky was bound and determined to not allow a little or a lot of rain to blot out her bright smile.

It was almost like a sneak preview of her wedding day as we were able to use the bridal suite as a starting location for her portraits. Then moving into the main barn and hall to really showcase her attractive gown. Even though for a few shots Kala and I had to hold an umbrella while the rain came down, Vicky looked as relaxed and as comfortable as a pro allowing for some lovely views and compositions.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.” Being around people almost nonstop like we are, Kala and I have come to appreciate that every bride, groom, family, couple, and child we can learn from.

Our greatest takeaway from this day with Vicky is — sometimes it is going to rain, keep smiling.

We happily share her bridals with you now. 

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