Tart Farm Fall Minis!

October 23, 2019

I T ‘ S   F A L L ! ! !

I never thought I would say this next sentence but here it goes.

(Takes deep breath) Kala and I understand how accountants feel during tax season. Not in the sense that we do a lot of math or handle multi step complex tasks like they do, but we can sympathize with how busy they are for a few months straight!

But let me say this loud for the people in the back…. WE LOVE IT!! I can’t say this enough, I am 100% convinced that we work with the best clients, period! This year we have met so many great new clients and we have been able to see some of our more frequent clients again who we adore, it makes our heart happy to see families grow. Kala and I fully believe that every family needs a photographer, just like a family doctor. Not someone you just see once and never see again. But a photographer that knows you and your family, a photographer you have a relationship with, and a photographer that you trust.

 One of our most anticipated time of the year is Fall, we literally start scouting and discussing our fall minis before summer has even started. This past weekend we were at Water’s Edge at Tart Farms Wedding Venue for our fall minis! If you haven’t been to this new venue in Benson, North Carolina, head over and check them out now…we’ll wait . We can’t say enough about how beautiful the venue and the grounds are. The owners are amazing to work with as well, any brides that don’t have a venue booked yet you definitely want to schedule a tour.

Thankfully the rain from this weekend’s tropical storm moved out quickly so we didn’t all have to wear ponchos! One thing Kala and I didn’t notice about this set of fall minis were all the families had children which is normal, but all the children were…BOYS! We had no little girls! Okay, I know what you are thinking this had to be the craziest, wildest, most rambunctious set of mini sessions ever; would you believe that all these little gentlemen were perfect? Some a little camera shy at first, but eventually warming up in a quick manner, making for some wonderful photos!

We are so happy to introduce you to each family and a share their photos below!

Kayla, Mike, Chris, Matthew, Noah, and Zachary were perfect! Kayla told me they hadn’t had family photos made since the second oldest had just started walking, and they were well overdue! Of course, once we started shooting you couldn’t tell these naturals hadn’t done this 1000 times.

Marcus, Cheryl, Wyatt, and Miles were super cute little family! Wyatt did absolute amazing, showing off with some adorable poses! His little brother Miles was the smiliest baby ever, displaying his two little teeth at only 6 months old!

For Shay, Jason, Waylon, and Jenson we had to take a slight detour from our normal process. Jenson was a little shy at first so we had to have his older brother help warm him up! Once this little dude was out of his shell he wasn’t going back in! Which made for some perfect family photos!

When Tracy, Kevin, and Preston arrived we were able to have a big family photo with Shay, Jason, Waylon, and Jenson. We were able to get a few of the three little cousins together as well! While they let us know how each of them were going to be a superhero this Halloween! Once we started this family’s own portraits Preston was full of energy as you can tell. He was full on modelling at one point!

Justin, Kristen, Fisher, and Finley wrapped up the evening. Fisher was not having it at first. He will be a businessman when he grows up, I can already tell. He found a common interest with Kala on a baby pumpkin. Making a deal for a few smiles in exchange for the smallest pumpkin to take home. 

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