Ashley & Johnny Engagement Experience

November 5, 2019

Is the view not stunning?

Standing just 61 feet shy of being half a mile above sea level Ashely and Johnny couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful location for their Engagement photos. I mean WOW! ! !

Ashley and Johnny met at work. Both are medical professionals. Ashley is a nurse practitioner and Johnny is a nurse (I felt safe scaling a mountain with these two). Ashley tried like so many, to find the funny cute guy on some sort of social media to possibly get to know him better, but to no avail. Johnny doesn’t have any social media accounts. Deciding not to take no for an answer Ashley sent Johnny email through work!

Before Johnny proposed to Ashley to be his bride, Ashley knew when the question would be asked or so she thought. A week or so before going on vacation to Cuba, Johnny had lunch with Ashley’s dad. You know how co-workers can be, they hear one thing then start talking and hyping you up. Like they hear your boyfriend is out having lunch with your dad and next thing you know they have you believing you are getting engaged asap!  Well they weren’t wrong but not 100% right either. Over lunch Johnny did ask permission to marry Ashley. Even though he did have the ring, which is a family ring, in Cuba, he didn’t ask Ashley then. Instead Johnny waited until May when they were hiking, which is one of their favorite hobbies; they were only a rocks throw from where we were Friday and SHE SAID YES!

These two will be tying the knot in October of next year at Hidden Hill Venue in Morganton, North Carolina. But Friday we were at the northern part of the state with their dog Rufus working our way up to what has to be a top ten view point in NC. I now understand why they call these views breathtaking. Its because after hiking to the top you don’t have any breath left! I know this is difficult to believe, with how well I rock the dadbod, but there were a few times when I thought Rufus dragging me was going to be the only way I could get up to the top!

Ashley and Johnny were so much fun! Have you ever hung out with a new friend and everything just meshed so well? That was us with these two! They are super sweet and down to earth! Oh! I don’t know if you can tell from how candid they look in their photos, but they were complete naturals. We are so happy that we are their photographers and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of their wedding day!

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