Mr. & Mrs. Martin’s Wedding Day!

November 12, 2019

We all know that one couple that everyone just seems to like. They are the couple that is so down to earth, and you wish they were a part of your family. When this couple is together they are always making jokes and even though both of them are funny, together they are hilarious. If for some reason you don’t know this couple personally, let me introduce you to Sarah and Greg.

When we first met Sarah and Greg it was their engagement session back in May. We met at Hidden Hill Venue in Morganton, North Carolina and it was a bitter cold day. The wind decided that it was going to whip at hurricane speeds and guess who decided to leave the house without a jacket?? Kala. Oh wait…it was me. I started to remember that story wrong since Kala is typically the one without proper attire—even though she wears fuzzy socks year-round. I am not medically qualified to diagnose hypothermia, but when I started losing feeling and mobility in my fingers I began thinking this is how it starts. Thankfully Greg came to the rescue and grabbed a hoodie which allowed me to brave the late winter we seemed to be working through in early May.

Even through the outstanding cold, Sarah and Greg still managed to keep us laughing and in turn themselves laughing. They did amazing keeping things light and being so natural and candid during their engagement photos.

Fast forward to the first Saturday in November. We arrive at Hidden Hill and the sky is so blue, the view you can literally see for miles, out of all the venues we have been to in NC none have a view that can compare to that of Hidden Hill. Sarah is in her room, putting the finishing touches on hair and makeup. Lillian, is acting as if this is her wedding day, primping in the mirror. Sarah slid on a couple of her grandmother’s blue rings. Accompanying her in the bridal suite were the couple’s puppies, Maui and Shiloh as they were the best dog and the dog of honor.  How cute right? The final touch, Sarah’s veil, which was her mother Mildred’s, is placed in her hair. It is a beautiful Cathedral length veil that trailed behind when she walked.

The Perfect Day finished the designing of each tablescape, fireplace, and the ceremony location. Placed on each farm table were a beautiful array of chargers, plates, goblets, and runners, supplied by Vintage Chic Rentals and Designs. I’m not sure our photos do justice of how beautiful the venue, the design team’s work, and the rentals were. Two words: Absolutely stunning. The collaboration of blue and green hues and the subtle vintage incorporation with floral plates, made for a unique and classy setting.

The Ceremony location is ready, and the time has come for Sarah and Greg to say their vowels. Greg enters first, followed by their children Ben and Lillian. Their nephew in a warm snuggly Koala Bear outfit was carried in as their ring bearer. Sarah walks in with her Dad, arms linked before giving her away. Her mother’s veil flowing behind her as she walks closer to her groom. They stand under a gorgeous arbor, handmade by Hidden Hill’s owner, with the mountain’s view of the greater foothills area as their backdrop. Guests can see from Lake James to Table Rock Mountain all in a glance. Sarah and Greg shared their first kiss as husband and wife with their children and puppies by their side and once they are pronounced as Mr. and Mrs. Martin they begin their recessional down the aisle.

During our favorite part of the wedding day, the Husband and Wife formals, Sarah reminded us from their engagement photos that she LOVES to grab Greg’s booty (photo for proof, we caught her in action). Any time she had between shots, she took advantage. During their husband and wife photos, the wind picked up and the temperature started dropping reminding us of six months prior, once again we were trying to keep warm as winter began to move in early this year. We can’t get enough of these fall colors they had as the backdrop though. I mean all the heart eyes! Sarah and Greg’s wedding day was a perfect reflection of them, laid back and relaxed.

Following their photos the couple was announced into their reception, Sarah’s Dad gave a beautiful and lighthearted speech. Recounting how great of a guy Greg was and how many roommates Sarah has held over the years. Once he finished, the most anticipated moment of the day was finally here! Time for everyone to eat! This wasn’t ordinary wedding food; this is JD’s Smokehouse. All you need is an entire plate filled with their Jalapeno Grits and you are set for the night! I mean I could make a meal out of just those.

The beautiful wedding cakes were created by Cheryl Cathy, not only were they gorgeous cakes, they were amazingly delicious too! This didn’t stop Greg as they shared the experience of cake cutting. Greg nailed Sarah in the face with icing and cake on purpose when feeding her. Directly after DJ Clay Hefner invited the couple to the dance floor to share their first dance to Latch by Sam Smith. Following the husband and wife’s first dance was a father daughter dance with Sarah and her Dad. Normally this time is reserved and tranquil time. Not breaking out of who they are, Sarah and her dad got funky with it dancing to the Electric Slide.   

The dance floor opened and even in the cold, the celebration continued. Some guests danced near the fireplace and through the heaters. We wish Sarah and Greg’s marriage the same amount of resilience that their guest had dancing at their wedding. We are excited to share with you some of their photos!

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