Avery & Dalton’s Engagements!

November 21, 2019

So…let’s talk cold. Some people hate it, some love it, and others are impartial. Kala and I are cold lovers when it is convenient for us, which is Christmas morning, there should be 12 inches of snow on the ground, and pretty much the rest of the year there is no reason for the temperature to be below 45. Saturday morning Avery and Dalton met us for a quick hike up the hill at Grandfather Mountain overlook in Linville, NC. It was a warm 30 degrees out with wind gusts in the 25+ zone. Ya know just a nice fall day in the North Carolina mountains.

Avery and Dalton started dating their Junior year in High School. Even thought they had only been dating for two months Dalton had told one of Avery’s best friends that he would marry her one day. Fast forward a few years to this past June at The Biltmore House in Asheville, NC with a stranger taking their picture Dalton got down on one knee and asked Avery to marry him! The ring was once Dalton’s Great Grandmothers! Which is a timeless ring, that is possibly the most gorgeous unique piece we have ever seen. I mean can this story be any sweeter?

 Saturday, we made the hike and not wanting to miss sunrise we had to almost sprint up this mountain straight up! Avery made it look easy in heels. These two were troopers braving the cold and wind. We made it up to the top just in time. I definitely needed oxygen at the top, but once I caught my breath we began shooting! Y’all the mountain didn’t disappoint! The view was amazing. I don’t know if I have ever seen a more beautiful sunrise. Avery and Dalton were so natural and great together. These love birds kept us shooting with their natural smiles.

While we were talking to them we found out that we were talking to fellow crazy dog people! Everyone always looks at us like we are crazy when we tell them we have 4 dogs and two cats! Between the two of them they have 7! We loved hearing about all their furbabies. Dalton even has one terrier that is 22! Yes the puppy is older than he is!

Once the sun was up we slid down the mountain and somehow convinced these two popsicles to ride over to Downtown Blowing Rock for a quick stroll. After thawing out in the car, we walked down main street and stopped by Kilwins Chocolates. They were closed which is unfortunate. Even though it was 7:00 in the morning I was already thinking about their pumpkin fudge.

Avery and Dalton are going to take their vows in June 12, 2021 at Chickadee Hill Farms in Troutman! We are so happy for them. We know their day is going to be beautiful! Avery was discussing color pallets and just wanting to add additional colors for their day. Kala was totally geeking out over the dusty blues Avery had mentioned. We had the absolute best time working with them. Actually I am pretty sure that we didn’t work with them, we basically just hung out for about two hours and just happened to take photos while laughing and freezing at the same time. We are so happy to share some of their photos with you!

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