Amanda & Chip’s Engagement Photos!

November 28, 2019

Let me introduce you to one of the best-looking couples in Raleigh, Amanda and Chip. These two got up super early to meet us in Downtown Raleigh on an extremely windy morning. Chip’s hair kept blowing everywhere! A good portion of our incredible shots probably have more to do with how willing our couples are to do what it takes to get great photos, including battling the cold and wind. Even though peak foliage has passed downtown still had some amazing color left which complimented Amanda and Chip’s fantastic outfit choices. I mean y’all, do these two not look amazing?!

As we were walking on the sidewalk of the capital city we commented on the scooters you can ride. At almost the same moment Kala and I unknowingly walked Amanda right by the spot on the street where she took a dive on one of said scooters and broke her elbow just a year ago! Jeez! Hopefully we helped turn that location into a place with some happy memories too!

From the first pose we knew these two were naturals. They slid into each pose with such ease it was like Kala and I were in a dream. I mean look at how gorgeous Amanda’s smile is! Chip looks like something off a GQ magazine. In either outfit these two looked amazing! I mean goals right? We were able to use the Dillion in downtown for a beautiful backdrop as well as the NC Art Museum for the second half of the shoot. Casanova, Amanda’s  9-year-old Schnauzer Poodle mix, was topic of conversation quite a bit. Even though he didn’t make an appearance since he is more of a one person pup. Chip told us that Cas only cares for him if Amanda isn’t around! (Insert laughing face emoji here!)

While Chip and Amanda met in the restaurant business, they love to joke that they really met on Craigslist where the job was posted. LOL! These two got engaged on July 30th in Portugal while on vacation. They are going to tie the knot in Asheville at Yesterday Spaces next November 7th! There is no doubt that it is going to be gorgeous. With live cello and violin during the ceremony along with live music during the reception this will be a celebration they will reminisce on for the next 50+ years.

Help us congratulate this couple on their engagements! We are so happy to share these with you today!

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