Rani & Malhar’s Engagement Session!

November 28, 2019

Let me introduce you to the newest Disney Prince and Princess, Rani and Malhar. I literally have never met two people that have to be together more than these two. Literally it is written in the stars for them. Meeting at UNC Chapel Hill for their undergrad degrees these two started out as just friends.

Now we have all heard the stories how the girl “friend zones” the guy and he usually he gets stuck there to never leave. Well this is the opposite of that story….Yes, Malhar tried to “friend zone” Rani! What?!? Luckily he came to his senses sooner rather than later and these two realized that there might be something there. After learning about them, their family, and friends I’d say yeah…maybe just a little something—I’ll explain.

Rani and Malhar are both the first of their siblings to get married.

Both are the oldest of three.

Both have a middle sister and their brothers are the youngest, with each of their siblings being a year apart.

Both Rani and Malhar’s mothers were born in August.

Both Rani and Malhar’s fathers were born in October.

Both attended University North Carolina Chapel Hill for Undergrad degrees.

Both sides of their family’s are extremely excited for their wedding!

Kala and I don’t have this much in common and we’ve been married for three years!

We met Malhar and Rani at Coker Arboretum to start their engagement photos! They were the best at not fake smiling. Rani let us know Malhar has an awesome trick to making sure everyone laughs before a photo, he does a funny ha-ha-ha-ha laugh to make everyone else smile. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but we did joke about him using snapchat filters to practice his own smile! Oh! I can’t forget to mention their formal attire. Look. At. Her. Dress. WOW! It is AMAZING! Malhar in a suit equals hand in a glove. Perfect. Actually Malhar doesn’t wear a suit, that suit was just lucky enough to wear Malhar.

Rani and Malhar took us to the Old Well on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill. Rumor is if you drink from this fountain on your first day of classes you will get a 4.0 GPA, Rani denied that claim! Just a short walk from there was the Kissing Bench, a century old marble bench which sits under the 300 year old Davie Poplar tree in McCorkle Place on the UNC Chapel Hill campus. The legend is that if a couple kisses on the bench they will marry. So we definitely couldn’t pass up this opportunity for this amazing couple.

Malhar will begin his residency this coming summer after completing his eighth year of medical school in the spring. Rani still a student herself in Chicago, didn’t take any time off from studying before their engagement photos. Not knowing exactly what to expect she looked up poses to make sure she was well versed for their photos. But with our simple posing process and their natural candidness Malhar and Rani are magazine worthy. Kala and I truly felt like we were just peering in on a moment for these two.

Rani and Malhar will give their vows a year from today! They are planning on having around 400 guests and they have their eye on a venue near High Point, North Carolina, Adaumont Farms. We know as great of a time that we had with them their wedding is going to be amazing. This couple was super sweet, we felt more like we were just hanging out with friends than working.

Please help us congratulate these two on their engagement and upcoming wedding! We are so happy to share these photos with everyone!

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