Kreis & Kristen Engagement Photos!

December 2, 2019

Kreis and Kristen have got to be the most down to earth couple Kala and I have ever met. They were so willing to go completely outside of our norm. Kala and I are, and will always be light, airy, and colorful photographers. Our style will never change. We know that our brides, like Kristen, love the classic and timeless look our style of photography gives. When I say we went outside of our norm, what I mean is we didn’t stay outside in a rolling field or city scape. We went inside Pleasant Willow’s bridal bed and breakfast for their photos.

Hair by Liz’s owner, Liz Perniciaro, has started the process in flipping her aged, charming, cozy farmhouse into a wedding venue. The venue will accommodate modest weddings with multiple locations for the ceremony to take place. As well as the ability for bridal parties to stay the night before the big day. We met Liz a few months ago and when we spoke to Kristen and Kreis we thought this would be super unique for them and were overly excited when they agreed!

Kristen and Kreis packed up and headed to the venue super early in preparation for their engagement photos. Sitting in one of Liz’s salon chairs Kristen had her hair done and was finishing makeup when we arrived before sunrise. Just before time to start Kreis entered so excited for the start of the session, I mean he couldn’t stand the excitement….I’m joking. Kreis like so many of our grooms did the one thing that always makes me happy. Right before the first photo was taken, he looked at Kala and I and said that he hates having his picture taken more than anything.

This really is my favorite thing y’all. As a male photographer in a female dominated wedding industry I can relate to the guys better than anyone. I know when they’re wedding planning with their bride most of the marketing is towards her. Pinks and cursives run rampant in the wedding industry, not really appealing to guys. Folks I can even admit I’m not even super keen on having a my own photos done! Gasp! So when I have a groom-to-be taking photos because his fiancé wants to and he is almost dreading it, you best believe I take this as a challenge. So that for him, in this planning phase and once in a lifetime chapter of their life they’ll both enjoy it.

We started outside and with smiles like theirs you would never knew they had been up before 4:00 am. I had to ask how they looked so natural in photos without much coaching from Kala or myself. Kristen was quick to let us know that Kreis loves his Snapchat and is a selfie king! Practice made perfect because I couldn’t tell his real smile from his fake and my career is somewhat centered on searching for client’s true smiles. So they made our job easy!

Joining in on the fun, Lily and Asher, Kreis and Kristen’s puppies hopped out of the car and made their modeling debut. Asher with his little underbite and Lily full of true puppy energy only being about a year old made two or three gallops around the entire yard before calming down. Are they not the cutest??

Inside to celebrate Christmas and the gorgeous kitchen, we set up a Christmas baking scene for Kristen to impress Kreis with her cooking skills. I’m just repeating what we were told but Kreis said, Kristen can now boil water, so to have these perfectly baked cookies right out of the oven was truly impressive feat for her! Showcasing Kries’ shagging skills the two danced in the kitchen which may have been my favorite part of the entire day. Upstairs we were able to capture some fun, exuberant, and intimate photos of them on the bed in a enjoying a cozy time together.

These two will tie the knot August 22, 2020. We will be joining them at The Carolina Barn in Spring Lake, North Carolina. We are so excited to share these photos of them, please help us congratulate the soon to be Mr. and Mrs!

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