John & Sarah’s Engagement Session!

December 3, 2019

Let’s chat about these two cuties right here. John and Sarah. I mean seriously have you met anyone as complimentary to each other as these two? Talking about excited, when we first met them Kala and I couldn’t wait for Black Friday to work with them! These two probably had the most meaningful engagement session we’ve ever shot. I’ll explain why in a moment. (It has to do with the Cookout cups they are holding)

Starting at JC Rausten Arboretum Sarah and John arrived a few minutes before our scheduled time to meet. Giving us a chance to chat on our way down the path to the start of their photos as an engaged couple. They both felt like old friends before we even took the first photo.

Meeting through Sarah’s cousin’s graduation, whom John was friends with. These two dated long distance for a while. More than an hour apart for most of their relationship and two hours apart for a bit. They settled in Raleigh together last May. On their first date during a piggyback ride John dropped Sarah. Blaming it on not yet having an understanding together on feet placement and release timing, but that wasn’t enough for Sarah to go ahead and just “drop” John.

This past June after work, the pair was at Dorothea Dix Park that overlooks downtown Raleigh, throwing a frisbee and having a picnic. Days before John had spoke to Sarah’s dad who said that he wouldn’t tell Brenda, Sarah’s mom of the upcoming proposal since she wouldn’t be able to keep the secret. Coincidentally on the phone with her mom an hour before seeing John on one knee, Sarah had a conversation with Brenda, on how John had asked about ring sizes and a few other tidbits that had gave her the idea he was thinking of proposing. At 10:00 am that day the ring arrived for John to make his proposal. Then later at the park with Cookout orange cream and mint Oreo milkshakes close by John followed behind Sarah while walking and having her turn her around as he was on one knee. All we can say here is that Sarah was really surprised! They would have to feel you in on all the details, but shocked may be an understatement.

As I said earlier their engagement session was super meaningful. For their photos Sarah and John wanted to incorporate the same location, as well as, the same blanket and Cookout milkshakes that were there when they got engaged. Look how stunning the city is behind them just feet away where she actually said yes!

John and Sarah are opting for a less traditional wedding as they will be wed on a Monday, the first of June at the courthouse in Wake County, using their funds for their honeymoon. We had a wonderful time with these two, and we’re happy to share their photos with you now! Help us congratulate this Flye couple.

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