Kayla & Rick’s Engagements!

February 11, 2020

Confession: Typing the name Kayla with a ‘y’ after almost 7 years of Kala with no ‘y’ I have found to be a task. I read and reread this entire conversation, but to be honest I may have made a mistake somewhere. Hopefully in the event of the slip up, I have also included enough context clues so as not to confuse you.

Kayla and Rick met us at the Capital Building in Downtown Raleigh, NC. We really lucked out with the weather since it was b-e-a-utiful. I have said this before, and everyone that lives in the state knows that you never really know what to expect. Y’all, I never watch the weather. Kala does. I do not. I mean come on, wintery mix 5 days ago, two days of 70 degree weather, and 6 inches of rain with tornados. It’s like mother nature spins a wheel.

I digress. Kayla and Rick were good friends before they began dating. Both were searching for someone with drive, maturity, and someone to set out and accomplish life goals with. After both going through some duds of relationships, they decided to take a chance. A big chance since Rick moved out of the country and didn’t know if he would be returning or not. Luckily the wait wasn’t too long, and they were able to reunite.

You can tell Kayla and Rick have invested time in with each other. They were super comfortable together which made for more natural poses. They are also super in love which we cannot fake on camera. Not to mention they felt like old friends. The entire double date…I mean session we laughed, joked, and realized we were all STARVING. I mean when you walk around downtown Raleigh there are so many restaurants everywhere. You can smell Barbeque smoking, potatoes frying, and sugar baking (it is torment to a fat kid). Rick and Kayla are foodies like us, since they are from the area they were able to clue us in on some hometown secrets that we have since made a list of.

Kayla and Rick will say I do at the gorgeous Market Hall in Raleigh this coming October 24th. We are so excited to be a part of their day. We are super excited to share their engagement photos with you now.

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