Sunflower Minis!

July 4, 2020

Y’ALL MINIS ARE BACK! You guys have no idea how upset we were that there weren’t going to be sunflower mini sessions this year. Due to Covid, Dorthea Dix Park decided not to plant them. Thankfully we have some of the best friends and neighbors in Benson, and they came to the rescue. It was a little short notice, but who can say no to acres of sunflowers?

We started the day with Geoff, Lauren, and Abigail. She was a little shy at first caused somewhat from waking up from her short nap in the car, but Abigail finally broke out into a huge smile. A contagious giggle that was brought on by a childlike wonder to be in a huge field of flowers (eh probably not), or maybe it was her dad standing behind us screaming that he was a sunflower…who knows lol! Aren’t they the cutest!?

Possibly one of our new favorite Fuquay families – Clint, Angela, Drew, and Haley. I just love teenagers! They are either all for family photos, or they want nothing to do with them. Haley & Drew were all for them. It is no secret that I (this is Reg) hate fake smiling. Would you believe me if I told you that no one in this family fake smiled? An entire mini session of all real smiles. It was amazing!

Adreann is possibly one of our favorite teens of all time. Witty, fast talking, and just a hint of sarcasm. She also knows how to hold a pose and a fake laugh will cause a real one every time. Taking advantage of the 4th being so close she did a quick change to celebrate our country. 

Fill in the Blanks: Like a good ______, _______ _______ is there! I filled it in for you below:

Like a good photographer, Reg & Kala is there…are there…whatever English is hard. Either way, our favorite State Farm Agent Meg Hunter and her team’s mascot Tucker came and paid us a visit during our sunflower minis. Please be honest, isn’t he the most handsomest boy? I mean look at him! The sweetest Doodle ever.

Krissie, one of our new photographer friends, Austin, and their 23 week old boy Jameson arrived wearing his Sunday best. HE EVEN WORE A SUNFLOWER BOW TIE! Have you ever seen a puppy smile so big? We know how hard it is to be on the other side of the camera, so we were honored that Krissie booked with us. This was the first time Krissie and Austin have ever had photos together in 3 years! You wouldn’t be able to tell with how flawless they look, but as you can tell, Jameson completely stole the show.

Katie and Tyler have been in front of our cameras more than anyone in the past year. But BAM! Look at those bell bottoms! Are they in now? Should I get a pair and some platform shoes? About the only thing that could outshine Tyler’s dashing good looks is definitely a pair of bell bottoms…and of course Sage, their 9 week old puppy. A little shy at first, she had a field day in the sand. Congratulations to the Cox Family on their newest edition!

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