Ashleigh & Patrick’s Wedding Day

August 25, 2020

Rescheduling your wedding day sounds like no big deal right? Thanks corona! I mean you have everything planned for a certain day. It’s just a simple task to call everyone and tell them to come on a different day right? Well, if you are Ashleigh and Patrick apparently you don’t sweat it. That’s how they are though, extremely laid back and just go with the flow.

Let me explain how relaxed this couple is. When they had to reschedule their date, we knew Kala would be just a few days postpartum and unable to attend. They were completely understanding that half of their photography team they have been working with for a year wasn’t going to be there. Can you say couple goals?

When Alina and I arrived at the Hanover Park Vineyard Ashleigh was busy finishing hair and makeup. During this time we were able to get some gorgeous shots of her dress, and her mom Laura helping fasten the final buttons.

We also snagged some sweet shots with her bridesmaids. You could already tell these girls were going to be a blast!

Next was Ashleigh’s dad Terry’s turn to see his daughter dressed for her wedding day for the first time. We staged him so that he could turn around to see her. She touched his shoulder to turn him. Happy Tears. From everyone. This moment was so genuine.

The guys were dressed and ready when I arrived at the barn to begin their photos. Standing in front of a rustic turn of the century barn. These groomsmen were a direct reflection of Patrick. These guys could make him laugh, and act out a scene together at the drop of a hat. Anytime I needed a smile Pat’s best man Kelly was more than willing to say something inappropriate to get our groom to laugh.

Ceremony Time! After everyone was settled, and the wedding party in their places it was time for the bride to enter. Ashleigh came out from behind the curtains and made her way down the aisle. Many may have missed it, but there was a quick moment where the emotion almost overtook Patrick. A single tear ran down his cheek as his bride approached. After the giving of rings, sharing of vows, and their first kiss as husband and wife, these two were married!

Time for PHOTOS! I’m pretty sure these two practiced before and after their engagements because they were on it! They resembled the most picturesque bride and groom I have ever seen. We were able to grab some photos right after, plus we stole away for a few minutes after the reception to grab these amazing golden hour photos! Isn’t the vineyard gorgeous in these?

Normally after photos the newly weds are announced in for the first time together as Mr. and Mrs. Ashleigh and Patrick did it a little different. Ashleigh was announced in as Mrs. Snyder then Patrick was announced in. Not without his theatrical performance. A fair imitation of when Dewayne Johnson would enter into the WWE arena. Once his song started, Patrick came out, paced back and forth before making his way down to the center stage. Instead of a SmackDown this was for his first dance with his bride.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the most touching moment of the night. The father daughter dance. Ashleigh and her dad. The happy tears and emotion were flowing from everywhere. Mother’s of both bride and groom, the bridal party, 85% in attendance, half of the photographers, and if memory serves, I’m positive I saw two of the groomsmen brush away a quick tear.

Patrick and his mother shared a beautiful dance full of emotions too. We have decided to start packing Kleenexs for receptions. Thanks guys.

Kala and I could not be happier for these two. We wish these two years of happiness in their life and marriage.

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  2. Celeste Kirkland says:

    YES, I’M CRYING! 🙂
    May GOD Bless your Marriage and your future together as one.