Stephanie The Content Fixer

September 18, 2020

Say Hello to Stephanie. She is a new small business entrepreneur. Stephanie is the Content Fixer. So when she asked us to help with some headshot and some photos to help her clients get to know her, we were thrilled.

We all arrived at Layfette Village in Raleigh NC. The lighting was (singing voice) perfect!

We are so excited for her new venture. She is a social media coach. She helps business owners learn how to use social media to reach clients that are looking for their services. She is so sweet and helpful!

Most nonbusiness owners don’t know that Facebook and Instagram don’t make it easy for followers to see business owners posts. Even for the followers that like their page. That’s where Stephanie comes in.

To all of our business owner friends, be sure to check out her page. Here are a few of our favorite photos from her session.

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