Kelsey & Mason’s Wedding

April 23, 2021

YAY!!!! WEDDING DAY!!!! Our morning routine is pretty crazy, especially with two littles under the age of three. So aside from being woke up hearing the words “MOMMY!”, “DADDY!”, and usually “CHERRIOES!”, stepping over whichever dinosaur was left in the floor from the night before, and getting that first sip of much needed coffee, we were so pumped to start this wedding day! Kelsey and Mason kicked off our 2021 wedding season, so there is a little more excitement that is added into the mix. #buddytheelfstatus

Let me start out by saying that Kelsey and Mason could not be a cuter couple. These two are absolutely made for each other. They met at NC State through some mutual friends and decided to tie the knot on April 10, 2021 after she said yes over a Mexican dinner picnic at Doretha Dix Park.

When we arrived Saturday afternoon at Old Lystra Inn, Kelsey and her 9 bridesmaids were finishing hair and makeup. Kelsey’s mom, Staci, helped her into her dress and with finishing touches. Once everyone slipped into their own unique bridesmaids dress it was time to reveal Kelsey in her dress to all of her girls. OMG so sweet. She had the most support of any bride we have ever seen. All of her girls were so quick to go, do, help, and encourage.

Time for her first look with her dad, Dan. Dan is a rather tall man and modernly rugged, looks like he would sell and service heavy construction equipment. But there is something about daddy’s girls that melt even the most rugged among us. We set Dan up with his back to where Kelsey would walk up. After she walked up Kelsey turned him around and for a moment, they both laughed, and then tears. They embraced, and he told her when they walked down the aisle, not to worry about falling he was there to catch her. Kala had to wipe tears away from behind her camera and I had to hold in my ugly cry because it was time for Kelsey’s first look with her groom.

We placed Mason similarly in front of the gorgeous century old home, and he calmly, coolly, and possibly also nervously waited to see his bride. Like a hand in a glove, when Kelsey put her hand on his shoulder and they made eye contact, they fell into each other’s arms perfectly. Bliss.

We began noticing the clouds hoping rain would hold off until after the ceremony. While we began doing some bride and groom formals, Dan came by and mentioned we were about to get hit by a fast-moving shower. We ran in and watched the downpour for about 15 minutes.

As the amazing staff and some family and friends pitched in to wipe off chairs, Kala and I took the entire bridal party out for portraits. Kala and I love our couples and what we do. We have been apart of hundreds of weddings, so nothing really makes us nervous anymore, other than extremely rowdy groomsmen. Putting 10 early twenty-somethings in a room together can be instant success for rowdy groomsmen. Mason kept reassuring us the guys were nothing to worry about. I’m not sure if he was trying to convince us or himself, but either way as soon as the cameras went up and the guys were in place, they were all for it. Doing whatever we asked, even if it felt awkward, trusting us that it looked great.

I have a theory about groomsmen, I can’t prove it…but you can’t disprove it either. I think secretly groomsmen want to be at weddings more than they let on. Always coming through for their man of the hour.  

Ceremony time. So beautiful. Dan walked his daughter down the aisle, gave her away. She took Mason’s hands. They looked at each other trading gentle smiles.  They said their, “I do’s” and proclaimed their vows. Exchanged rings. Their friends sang in worship with them (Y”ALL. You could feel the holy spirit), and they were pronounced as husband and wife and sealed the ceremony with a kiss.

Onto the reception the newly wed Mr. and Mrs. were announced in, preceded by their entire bridal party. Dan and Staci welcomed the guests, and dinner was served. Towards the end of dinner, something that typically wouldn’t make it into the blog was a special song for the brides side of the family and coincidentally for mine. Out of nowhere I hear the first 3 chords of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” start being played. Being from West Virginia this song is always played at special occasions.

Y’all once this dance floor opened and the DJ started spinning the records this had to be the most fun party crowd we have been apart of in a while. I mean this group could dance y’all. To anything. Normally the DJ must work for it to keep the crowd on the dance floor. He had the easiest job of his life seeing as these folks never sat down.

Then it happened. This became the best reception ever. Sorry to all those receptions that have occurred or are planned. It will never top what I am about to tell you. Like a blast from the early 2000’s over the speakers the song “Stacey’s Mom” begins to play. Just like a unicorn from her table, Staci’s Mom, Kelsey’s maternal grandmother makes her way to the dance floor and dances through the entirety of the song. Best reception ever, drop the mic.

We could not be happier to have been apart of this amazing day. What we really love about Kelsey and Mason’s day is that their family became ours, their friends became ours. They welcome us as if we are friends and not just a wedding professionals there to do a job. We cannot wait to see what they future has in store for the future Mr. & Mrs. Peeler. We are so happy for you both! See y’all soon!

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