Taylor & Raymond’s Engagement Session

April 27, 2021

5 words. Engagement photos at the Biltmore. WOW, someone please insert heart emoji here. We were so excited to take Raymond and Taylor up to Asheville, North Carolina to the Biltmore Estate and photograph their engagement session.

When we woke up Sunday morning, if I’m lying I’m dying folks, Kala was almost giddy. Kala is not a morning person. It was before 7 am and she was…happy. All because of this shoot. When we arrived at the estate we parked and made our way to the courtyard. As I tried to keep up with Kala her phone started ringing, we didn’t even notice directly across the courtyard our newly engaged couple were walking parallel alongside us. We crossed in front of the fountain to meet them, but we didn’t realize how windy it was until the spray being blown from the fountain made its way across the yard with us dead in its path lol a great way to make sure your awake.

With only having about a week to plan outfit choices from when we scheduled this session, we were slightly worried that they may not have enough time to find the right choices. Wrong we were. They nailed it! We started in front of the house…or mansion. The extensive ornate details, elaborate columns, and fountains made for the perfect editorial and magazine quality backdrop.

During their consult Raymond asked a very common question of do we (Reg & Kala) pose our clients or have them pose themselves. The answer is we have an amazing posing system that helps our clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and flatters every body type. Which is true, we have worked extremely hard to develop this over the years. But to be honest for Taylor and Raymond, I don’t even know why we were there. We would start to give them direction and they would just fall into place! I mean this happened for the entire session over and over. This is outstanding! To put this in perspective, Kala and I created our own posing system. We know exactly what they look like, and her and I together cannot fall into poses this naturally. THESE TWO WERE AMAZING!

If you know us. you know we LOVE our job. Photography fills our souls. We literally have the opportunity to use our God given talents and create moments to last a lifetime for our couples. Also if you know us, you know we LOVEEEE our couples so much and try our best to give them the most remarkable experience possible. But when we meet a couple and just Click? That is the BEST part. And you never truly know until you break the ice that first time you physically meet if this is YOUR couple. I know that sounds possessive haha but it’s true! We consider our couples RK Couples and once you become an RK Couple, you are family. Raymond and Taylor were so much fun to spend the afternoon with. We laughed, we walked (A LOT), we talked about trips, and our favorite topic, FOOD! We just clicked. We truly believe everything happens for a reason and you cross paths with certain people for a reason. We are so grateful Taylor and Raymond are our couple and we get to walk through this Wedding Journey together.

We are super excited for their wedding. Literally gives me little goosies every time I think about it. They will be getting married at Hidden Hill in Morganton, North Carolina this Fall. It is going to be immaculate! We can’t wait to share about their wedding day. As far as these photos of their engagements at the Biltmore House? It is possible you will see these hanging up on our studio walls. We are so in love with the creamy antique texture, perfect lighting, and working with a couple that are an absolute dream client.

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