Deyci’s Bridals

July 13, 2021

Deyci’s Bridals, no it’s not the name of a new wedding dress shop. It was the out of this world experience that we were able to be a part of in April at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

The weather this go around was absolutely perfect. The last time we were with Deyci in Asheville, her fiancé, Matt, had her surprise proposal planned. But the fog that came up the mountain was so dense we couldn’t see each other more than 6 feet away. We had to hit Plan B and run down the mountain to try and out run the fog. YAY for adventures!!!

We found a random trail and a beautiful serene scenic waterfall. After putting them in position and giving Matt the signal, Deyci turned to tell Matt the pose we had them in was awkward with him so far away standing behind her, just to find him on one knee. Bliss. SHE SAID YES!

This Asheville trip? There was an extra energy in the air. We were all excited and there was so much anticipation for these photos on all sides. We started right in front of The Biltmore House. Deyci has one of those smiles that when she flashes it, it lights up her face and it is so contagious… Everyone around her does the same.

Some of our favorite shots ever came from this bridal session. Are y’all listening? Favorites. Ever. Look below right fast if you don’t believe me. Does this not look like the cover of a magazine?!? I mean Deyci, her dress, those sleeves, these massive period style columns! OMG you have to drop a heart eye emoji on this one, those are the rules!!!

Not only was this perhaps one of the most stunning shoots we have been apart of, it was so much fun! Deyci’s future sister-in-law, Brandy, was her go to and hype girl. We always encourage a friend or family member to tag along for these shoots. It just gives a little extra support to our brides. Also, making new friends we will see on the wedding day just makes it all worth while for us too!

We are so excited that we can finally share these. It hasn’t been easy to sit on photos this beautiful, this long and keep these a secret. We are so happy for Matt and Deyci and cannot wait to share their wedding photos. In the meantime, we are so relieved to finally hit the post button and reveal these beautiful bridal photos!

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