Hannah & Justin’s Wedding

December 29, 2022

Hannah and Justin met for the first time in a casual setting: a Drake concert. Casual,
right? As you can see, from the beginning, this couple have been exciting, fun-loving people.
When we arrived, the hair and makeup team were already hard at work making the bridal
party look their best. The bridesmaids were wearing matching pajamas, and Hannah was wearing
her own special pair of white pajamas. Hannah and her bridesmaids were drinking mimosas and
listening to music. Everyone was smiling, laughing, and excited about the day ahead.
Meanwhile, Justin and his groomsmen were also having a good time together. Some of them
were helping with wedding décor, but they were also laughing and joking together while
enjoying some beer.
Instead of a first look with one another, Hannah and Justin decided to do a letter
exchange. Hannah read her letter outside of the house where the bridesmaids were getting ready.
I set up a rocking chair for her and she sat in a space where she could be alone to enjoy this
special moment. After I took photos of Hannah reading her letter, Hunter took Hannah’s letter to
Justin and went to the groom’s suite to get photos of Justin reading Hannah’s letter. Both the
bride and groom were a little emotional but very excited to see each other at the altar.

After the letter reading, it was time for Hannah to get in her dress. The bridesmaids
excitedly waited outside for Hannah to do a big reveal. Once Hannah was in her dress, I tucked
her away to wait while Hunter and I got the bridesmaids set up. We had them all face the wall,
and then Hannah came out and told them when to turn around. There were a lot of tears and
smiles when the bridesmaids saw their beautiful friend. It was then time for Hannah to do a first
look with her brother. Hunter got him in place outside, and I walked Hannah out and told her to
tap him on the shoulder when she was ready. She did so, and the siblings embraced with big
smiles and happy tears. Hannah was feeling nervous but also getting more excited as the time
drew closer to get married.

It was then time for the ceremony. Guests excitedly took their seats and Hunter and I got
into position to be ready for the photos. The ceremony was in a beautiful room with big windows
that lit up the room. There were touches of greenery and florals that made it feel romantic. The
ceremony began and the officiant and Justin took their places at the front. The groomsmen
walked the bridesmaids down the aisle, and Hannah’s brother put a photo of their dad on one of
the seats at the front to honor him. It was a sweet moment to see.

Everyone stood up when it was time for Hannah to walk down the aisle. Her brother
walked her down, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Justin was also crying, which made it
much harder for everyone not to cry. It was an emotional and stunning ceremony. Hannah and
Justin read vows to one another which everyone enjoyed.

After the ceremony, Hunter and I went to get photos of the family, the bridal party, and
the bride and groom. The bridal party was great, they had Hunter and me laughing the whole time. We quickly got through the photos so everyone could head to the reception.

Hannah and Justin had a great time together while we took photos of them, and I was sure to include a walking shot because Hannah loved doing those during her bridals! Her dress had the perfect train for a walking shot, and it was fun to see the length of the dress and veil.

It was then time for the reception. I have been to many weddings as a photographer, and I
can honestly say this reception was a blast. The crowd was so much fun, and it was easy to tell
that everyone was having a great time. Justin and Hannah did their first dance, followed by
Hannah dancing with her brother and then Justin dancing with his mom. There was then a
surprise dance where some of Hannah’s dad’s friends came up and took turns dancing with
Hannah since her father was unable to. There was no dry eye in the room, and I was trying my
best not to cry so I could see what I was taking pictures of.

Once the dances were finished, there was a prayer, and everyone went to eat. There was a
delicious variety of food (including quesadillas and tacos!) which the guests loved. The cake
cutting was eventful because Hannah and Justin smashed cake in each other’s faces which was
hilarious. Poor Hannah had so much cake on her face that had to be cleaned off, but she was a
good sport about it! The rest of the reception included a bouquet toss, garter toss, and then a ton
of dancing. Everyone was having a great time on the dance floor. At one point, the DJ called all
of the groomsmen to the front to lead the Cha Cha slide, which got everyone dancing. By the end
of the night, a few guys were having so much fun that they took their shirts off and danced
Hannah and Justin ended their night with a sparkler send-off. There were still a ton of
guests there at the end of it, so the tunnel of sparklers felt endless. After they ran through,
Hannah commented on how scary it was to run through a tunnel of sparklers, and I nodded my head in agreement since I find myself terrified of catching on fire every time I have to run through one (but hey, that’s just part of the job, right?)

It was truly a perfect day, and Hunter and I were honored to have been a part of it.
Hannah and Justin were such a sweet, fun, and easy-going couple. We wish them nothing but the
best on their new journey as husband and wife!

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