Allyson and Luke’s Engagements

March 12, 2023

Stop. Look at this couple.

Yes I know. Freaking perfect. Back when I was a kid, one of my favorite movies was The Parent Trap it is  a classic. I didn’t expect our new friends Allyson and Luke to be a real life parent trap. Luke and Allyson’s kids are what brought these two together. While they didn’t conspire to put their parents together, their proximity did the trick. Being friends since elementary school Allyson and Luke were often running into each other during the social events that their kids enjoyed together.

Both attended NC State. Allyson to gain her degree as a therapist. Luke is in his last semesters for business, as this is his second career after serving over two decades in the military.

There isn’t a much bigger compliment you can give a photographer than to just trust them. Trust that they know what they are doing. Trust that while you may feel ridiculous or awkward it looks amazing. Trust that they are going to get some photos of you, that you can’t believe is you. That is exactly what Allyson and Luke did. They just said go and we went for it and just because we can, we brought along the film camera too. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret. These two fit together like a hand in a glove. They made our job outrageously easy. They made each pose look so candid and natural. Like we were just catching them in moments like these. I’ll let you in a on another secret. I don’t have to say that, Allyson and Luke just nailed it. One of my favorite looks a guy can sport is a vest with his sleeves rolled up. But it didn’t matter if these two were in formal attire or their casual wear. All eyes were on them by every passersby.

Allyson and Luke are getting married at the impressive Oaks at Salem wedding venue in Apex, North Carolina this October. We are so excited for their wedding day. The Oaks is going to be jaw droppingly gorgeous that time of year. In our experience great people know great people. So with knowing that, we know this wedding celebration is going to be the party to be at this year. We are so excited for their event and are super excited to share these photos with you now!

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