Melissa & Matt’s Engagements

March 12, 2023

Yes they are professional models…excuse me, I mean professionals in the medical field, they just look like professional models. Am I jealous? Of course, I look like a middle aged Santa Claus that lives in the 90s still and these two take photos as if this is what they were born to do.

Let me introduce you to Melissa and Matt. These two are a dream. Dream clients. Dream Couple. Dream to work for. Let me stop talking for a second and lets just look at the sunset photos they rocked on a rooftop in downtown Raleigh.

Melissa and Matt met at work, yes this is a real life Grey’s Anatomy, and Matt is definitely Dr McDreamy. I mean how many heart eye emojis can you put in one comment section?!? These two wanted to take advantage of how easily accessible the city of Raleigh is and the multiple great locations in downtown. We started at the Historic Oak Park, then sliding downtown right after to catch the stunning sunset. Because the weather was absolutely perfect this single session looks like this double M couple had multiple engagement sessions. The looks are so different and so gorgeous.

I know I may be biased, but I cannot believe how amazing not only the photos turned out, but how amazing the photos from the film camera looked. The photos framing them with the crane arm, in a downtown setting. Wow. Or how about the one of them running with the Dillion skyscraper behind them? Shockingly breathtaking.

So I cannot talk about Melissa and Matt without talking about her dress. When we posted a preview of their shoot on Instagram we received so many comments about how absolutely gorgeous her dress choices where. Her first dress a flattering mauve piece complimented by Matts stylish yet simple look is a show stopper. Creating an elegant look that pops off the background and was so perfect it was almost regal.

Their rooftop choice was just as perfect. They looked like we just caught them in a moment on a spring evening after spending time with each other all afternoon with each other in love. Their love is seriously made for the big screen.

When people ask why we do photography. Why we’ve decided to make a career out of working most evenings, chasing sunsets, eating dinner at weird times, editing late into the night, and spending weekends with couples that are tying the knot. This is why. Couples like Melissa and Matt. I cannot believe we get to do this for a living. We get to go on double dates, laugh, have fun, spend time with the outright best couples ever. Period. We are anxiously waiting for their wedding day at The Upchurch in Cary, and cannot wait to spend time with them again. 

Film for the WIN!

Not film style. Actual film. Perfectly imperfect film.

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