Lejla and Chris’ Engagements

March 16, 2023

We got to work with Lejla and Chris back in February for a gorgeous winter engagement session! We met up at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville, which is our favorite little nature park to take photos in Asheville. It is pretty at any time of the year. Even in winter, when most trees are bare and there is not much color, the Botanical Gardens still offer evergreen trees and interesting bridges, gazebos, and even a tiny cabin! We also like to get photos by the river to show the scenic views that are available in all parts of Asheville. 

Lejla and Chris were both incredibly fun to work with. They are such a sweet and easy going couple who are clearly in love with one another. No matter the pose, they worked with us willingly and handled everything like pros! Some couples are a little more shy when it comes to getting photos. While Lejla and Chris were a little shy at first, they were soon laughing with one another and having a great time. As photographers, we have our posing system down to a science so no matter how inexperienced you are with getting your photos taken, you will always feel like a pro by the end of the session! 

Later, when we started discussing their upcoming wedding, Lejla told me they were going to have a donkey at their wedding that would carry beer for guests to enjoy. I told her that earlier in the year when the Reg and Kala team planned our photography bucket lists, a donkey carrying beer was on mine! I tend to gravitate towards animals anytime they are at a wedding and will end up taking a million photos of them, so I will DEFINITELY be getting tons of photos of the donkey at their wedding! Lejla was laughing when she told me and told me not to make fun of her, but instead, I reacted with pure excitement. In my eyes, incorporating animals in your wedding day makes you the coolest person ever! 

At the end of the day, the session was a huge success. We were so happy we were able to photograph this lovely couple and get ready for their upcoming wedding! We cannot wait to celebrate with Lejla and Chris at their wedding in April at Sky Retreat in Purlear, North Carolina! 

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