7 Easy Engagement Photo Poses

March 21, 2023

YAY! You’ve gotten engaged! You’ve set a date, booked your venue, and you’ve booked your photographer (and if you haven’t I know of a great team…cough cough) and it’s time for your engagement photos!


Maybe you have some anxiety about taking photos.

Maybe your fiancé hates taking photos and he never wants to take pictures with you.

Maybe y’all feel like its going to be awkward, you’re going to look awkward, and everything about posing is awkward. So obviously this is going to go terribly and you’re worried what you have dreamed about for years instead of being amazing will actually end it a cold sad dumpster fire, and everyone will laugh at how terrible you look in all of your pictures.


We have photographed over 1,000 couples. With 300 of those being specifically engagement and wedding couples. One thing I know for certain – EVERYONE—I mean, everyone can take beautiful photos.


Trust your photographers. You hired them for a reason. They’re the professionals living in this world 24/7. They got this.

Second, I cannot tell you how many times I have told clients this line. “If you feel awkward in front of the camera, you’re the best clients, because you do exactly what and how we direct you in the poses and it looks phenomenal!” Also, “Sometimes it might feel awkward, but it looks great on camera!”

Third | PLEASE DON’T SKIP THIS ONE | Please, please, please do not let the insecurities of your 20’s and early 30’s steal away from you an opportunity to make a memory that you’ll get to look back on in your 70’s and 80’s. So do them all. Take the running shots, do a dip, sit, lay down, dance, and enjoy it. It’s only happening once.

So now that we know why these are important. Let’s talk about a few easy poses and answer some of the most popular questions. How do we stand, where do we look, and for the love of God, what do I do with my hands! Now all of these poses are simple enough to be used during engagement photos or during your wedding day photos during cocktail hour!

#1 Slow Dance

#2 Forehead Kisses

#3 Lift

#4 Twirl

#5 Almost Kiss

#6 Hug up to His Back

#7 Lean & Laugh

There you have it, 7 simple easy poses, everyone with every body type can do. Which one are you using for your engagements?

If you try one of these and absolutely love it, send it to us so we can celebrate with you!

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