9 Things to have Ready for your Photographer on Your Wedding Day

March 23, 2023

Have you ever seen pictures from weddings of the little details that are just so satisfying to look at? Like of perfume bottles or of the rings? Maybe the picture was just of a pair of shoes but gosh, now you want shoes like that for your wedding, and a photo of your shoes at your wedding just like that one!

Say hello to the detail shots! So, all the little details that you plan for on your wedding day, photographers set aside time before the ceremony just to capture these photos. But what all do they need? How do they get all these items for the details? Do they do just walk around and grab a bunch of things they need off hangers and out of bags? Do they dig through totes and gather from the counters? Maybe. But hopefully not.

So, you’re finishing getting ready. Hair is done, and your makeup artist is putting on the last few touches, when your photographers arrive. Before the wedding day it is best to let your mom, maid of honor, sister, or even your wedding planner know that they are in charge of gathering all of these items and having them ready for the photographer when they arrive. Let them know it does not matter what they put them in, as long as they are all together so that the photographer can grab them and get to shooting those photos upon arrival. It can be a tote, a bag, or even an Amazon box, just have them together.

The reason it is important that all these things are together and ready for when the photographer gets there is because they usually only have 15 to 20 minutes to get all these images set up, photographed, and changed out, before you’ll be getting into your dress. Time is of the essence!

So what are all the must have’s in your details box?

1. Rings

Pretty obvious, why you’d want a couple photos of these on your wedding day. But incase you need a reason, many original wedding bands and rings get lost, stolen, or can’t be worn anymore for one reason or another. So having a photo of both yours and your spouses rings that you had on your wedding day is important.

2. Jewelry

Other than your rings. Earrings, necklaces, or bracelets are important pieces that you plan for hours before your wedding day. If you take an hour to decide and find your perfect wedding day necklace, make sure you have one photo of just it on your wedding day.

3. Invitation Suite

Your entire guestlist got a copy, let’s keep a copy forever in your photo album of your wedding day!

4. Veil

This is not a must have, but if you are going to have a veil on your wedding day, make sure your photographer knows, that way they can incorporate it into these photos, then others during your day while you’re wearing it!

5. Shoes

We all know hours and hours are spent on finding just the right wedding shoe. From Jimmy Choo to Crocs whatever you choose is best for your wedding day, lets make sure to memorialize the decision in a few separate photos.

6. Perfume Bottle

Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. This is what your spouse is forever going to remember you smelling like on your wedding day. Let’s grab a photo of it. These also make for my favorite shots.

7. Hanger

Get a personalized hanger. Whether it says bride or Mrs. Your-New-Last-Name. Just do it. Why spend thousands on a dress and not get a nice hanger for it to suspend from. It looks so good with dress shots and just one of those finishing touches.

8. Personalized Items

Socks, hangers, cups, candy, jackets, water bottles, hand fans, or bubbles, I mean this list can go on for days. If you personalized it for your wedding, make sure your photographer gets it.

9. Family Heirlooms

This one is super sentimental. Whenever you’re thinking of something old, new, borrowed, and blue. A lot of times this one piece ends up being 3/4 of those. Grandmas blue wedding band. Mom’s bracelet she wore at your parent’s wedding. We never get these moments back. Lets make sure we highlight these pieces in your wedding photos.  

What are you going to make sure your photographers get a photo of with your detail photos?

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