10 Nonessential Vendors That Are Awesome to Book for Your Wedding

July 6, 2023

Planning a wedding involves numerous decisions, from selecting the perfect venue to designing the ideal wedding cake. While some vendors are considered essential, there are plenty of nonessential vendors who can add a touch of uniqueness and make your special day even more memorable. Let’s explore ten nonessential vendors who are sure to bring their expertise and creativity to your wedding celebration.

Photo Booth Rental:

Capture the joy and excitement of your guests with a photo booth rental. These interactive stations provide entertainment and create lasting memories. From silly props to customizable photo strips, your guests will have a blast posing for pictures throughout the evening.

Live Event Painter:

Hiring a live event painter is an exquisite way to preserve the beauty of your wedding day. This talented artist will set up an easel during your ceremony or reception and create a one-of-a-kind painting capturing the atmosphere and emotions of the event.

Caricature Artist:

Add a touch of whimsy and entertainment to your wedding by hiring a caricature artist. Your guests will love having their portraits sketched in a fun and exaggerated manner, and it makes for a unique keepsake they can take home.

Fireworks Display:

Light up the sky and create a magical atmosphere with a fireworks display. Perfect for outdoor receptions or late-night celebrations, fireworks will leave your guests in awe and provide a truly unforgettable experience.

Specialty Cocktail Bar:

Elevate your wedding bar experience by hiring a specialty cocktail bar service. These mixologists can create customized cocktails that reflect your personality as a couple or design signature drinks that match your wedding theme.

Wedding Planner:

Although not considered by many an essential vendor, I believe fully 100% planners are one. Hiring a wedding planner can relieve you of the stress and coordination involved in planning your big day. They bring their expertise, experience, and industry connections to ensure a seamless and smooth wedding experience.

Luxury Transportation:

Make a grand entrance and ensure the comfort of your guests by arranging luxury transportation. From vintage cars to limousines, these nonessential vendors can provide stylish and reliable transportation for the bridal party and guests.

Ice Sculptures:

Create a striking centerpiece or an elegant ice bar with an intricately crafted ice sculpture. These frozen works of art can be customized to match your wedding theme and will leave your guests amazed at their beauty and craftsmanship.

Professional Lighting:

Transform your wedding venue into a magical wonderland with professional lighting services. From soft and romantic lighting for your ceremony to vibrant and energetic lights for the dance floor, professional lighting will set the mood and create a visually stunning atmosphere.

Live Entertainment:

Enhance the ambiance of your wedding reception by booking live entertainment. Whether it’s a live band, a string quartet, a jazz ensemble, or even a skilled magician, having talented performers will keep your guests entertained and create an unforgettable experience.

While essential vendors play a crucial role in any wedding, nonessential vendors bring that extra touch of uniqueness, creativity, and entertainment. By booking these nonessential vendors, you can elevate your wedding celebration and make it truly remarkable. From capturing moments in a photo booth to having live entertainment and professional lighting, these vendors offer a range of services that can enhance the overall experience for you and your guests. So, consider adding these ten nonessential vendors to your wedding planning checklist, and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime

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