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Bridals party gifts are one of those little things that you fret over for weeks before searching Pinterest, Google, and Amazon to find something all your guys or girls would like as small thank you for being beside you on your most unforgettable day. Finding the right gift can be difficult. There is such a […]

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Choosing Bridal Party Gifts

We are a rocks throw from 2020. In elementary school I really thought we would have full out Jetsons flying cars by now, instead we have pizza scissors…while they seem convenient, I just felt like we would be further along. Its news to no one that phones have cameras, tablets have cameras, and people have […]

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Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding

Y’all so unless your day job is some sort of model or actor, the only camera you most likely see yourself through regularly is the one attached to the phone you’re probably reading this on right now. If I had to guess I would say that the posing techniques you’re using on Snapchat are not […]

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Posing Like a Pro

View Andie’s gorgeous blog here. Our favorite wedding photography experience that brides always ask for are bridal portraits. Why are they so in demand and why should they be important to you? That’s what I’m about to tell you, but first let me tell you why bridals are our favorite session to photograph. Kala and […]

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Having the Full Bridal Experience