"Just do the kids"
"We've never done pictures"
"We prefer candids"

I Help you feel comfortable in front of the camera

Hollie Symone

I've said them too. Now let's do this!

I'm her for you! The Elopement specalist and portrait photographer. I know the importance of what I do and you have access to lean on me to help create your next set of memories.

I'm so dedicated to you, your family, and your photos.
Grab your kids and your spouse. 

I'll bring my film camera too. Let's do this!

Your Family
My Camera
Our Laughs

Hey y'all! I'm Hollie


Don't want the big wedding day?
Is the picture of your perfect day, just have your closest friends and family?
Maybe a full wedding day, but on a shorter timeline?
Spending more on the honeymoon than the wedding?
This is the package was created for you.

Elopement Experience

Intimate elopements and
micro weddings

starting at 1250

Endless laughs,
toddler wrangling,
& all the dad jokes your heart desires.

While creating beautiful images to last forever from the seasons that are never long enough.


On Location

starting at 400

Hollie is a portrait and elopment photographer in Raleigh, Carolina.

Beginning in 2014. Hollie has been trained not only in digital photography, but also is a trained film photographer.

Recently returned from living in Hawaii. Hollie loves coffee shops and journaling. She enjoys traveling while flying isn't her favorite method of transit.

Hollie mainly dedicating her career to serving families and couples.

With a calming personality and a sweet spirit, Hollie photographs typically from central Carolina to the coast. Bubble tea in hand Hollie says, "Even though it's cliché, I love photography. 

Hollie Symone
Elopement & Portrait Photographer

meet  your photographer!

From Reg & Kala:

What do we love most about her? She is deliberately kind. She smiles almost constantly. She loves babies. She is more concerned with her clients than herself.

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I've heard enough!

We are not the photographers of the 80's and 90's. No Fake smiles, no awkward head tilt. We love what we do and have fun doing it. 

We have fun! 

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High quality, high value photos in every gallery

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Reg & Kala

Reg started in 2011, we joined forces in 2013 and havent looked back since. We have photographed hundreds of weddings and thousands of sessions. 

Almost a decade as a husband & Wife team