Darren & Heather Summers Wedding!!

March 17, 2019

We are so happy to tell you about Darren and Heather’s super intamate wedding!

Anyone that knows Darren knows that he loves a good joke. So when he decided to pop the question to Heather of course he had to have a great laugh! On Christmas eve with the excitement of opening presents rising, Darren and Heather agreed to open one present each.

Darren pulls up a chair and hands out a small box to Heather. She realizes what is happening, and even looks at Darren and tells him to get on one knee. He responded with, “Don’t tell me how to propose.” He opens the box and she sees the most beautiful High School Class of 1993 ring. Darren then asks Heather if she will, (gasp)“go steady with him” like we all did back in High School with our sweethearts.

Well…Heather didn’t think it was too funny. Darren was planning on waiting until the next day to actually propose, but a frustrated Heather changed his mind. He gave her a second present later…a card with a single ribbon holding a ring. As she opened it he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.


They decided to pick a date in January that wasmost special to them. They couldn’t pick one better than the birthday of Heather’s grandmother who was also in attendance, January 15. So while wiping away happy tears with their parents by their side, and their closest family members they said I do.


Darren said that for the first time ever he felt like he was exactly where he needed to be in life. We want to wish the new Mr. and Mrs. Summers the best on this chapter and their arrival of their little baby girl Kyleigh Marie!









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