Taylor’s Bridals

May 27, 2019

Spring time is always one of the craziest times of the year for us. Obviously, right? Because it’s wedding season! And there is nothing we love more than getting creative with our cameras and being wrapped up into someone else’s joyous season!

Saying we had a blast at Taylor & Jared’s wedding this past weekend would be an understatement.
A little Cupid shuffle + a glass (or 4) of Moscato + a Reg =… Well I’ll let your imagination wonder.
But we seriously love them so much! (Photos from their wedding are coming soon!)
Before their wedding, we had the chance to shoot Taylor’s bridals and let me tell y’all, they don’t call her Tayonce’ for nothing. Girl ROCKED her bridal portraits! The hair, the make up, the dress. Ahhhmazing! We were so worried we would be rained out, because you know… North Carolina. We never, ever know. But we took the chance, dodged the rain, and came out with some of our favorite bridals ever.
So we know you have already peeked below…. we don’t blame you! BUT CAN YOU SAY GORGEOUS? You can’t even tell that Tay-tay ate 36 gnats that were flying around when we were in the tall grass!
We are so excited to finally share them with y’all!

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