Having the Full Bridal Experience

October 7, 2019

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Our favorite wedding photography experience that brides always ask for are bridal portraits. Why are they so in demand and why should they be important to you? That’s what I’m about to tell you, but first let me tell you why bridals are our favorite session to photograph.

Kala and I have been photographing weddings together for the past 6 years. Around year 2 we began to gain traction in perfecting our style and shooting process. This is when we met our bride Jessica. Jessica asked us to shoot her bridal photos separate from her wedding day. The bridal session was an absolute fantastic experience. We were able to focus on all thing’s bride, or for her, all things Jessica. The day was gorgeous, we went to a location in the Foothills of North Carolina where the first Hunger Games movie was filmed and caught the most gorgeous golden sun photos ever. After the photos were delivered Jessica gave us the highest compliment we have ever been given by a bride. Jessica said that she “had never felt more beautiful,” a remark we have never gotten over… I mean, how could we?!? Helping someone feel and look their best! Ahhh it is the best!

“Plenty of time to focus on all things bride.”

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We love bridal experiences! Kala and I get one on one time with just her and maybe mom or maid of honor. We get plenty of time to focus on all thing’s bride, or for you all things (enter you name here). The little things you spend hours planning, the hair, the shoes, rings, dress, the makeup, even your flowers get their own moment to shine. We love getting the extra chance to really get to know our brides during this time. How they are feeling about things, her wedding party, her plans, her other vendors, and even her wedding day worries.

This is so important to us so that we can serve our brides better on her wedding day. As your wedding photographers we are the only vendor that never leaves your side for almost your entire day. Being close to our brides allows us not only to be a photographer but be a friend that adds joy and enriches your day. Having a close bond with our brides allows for us to assist, support, and contribute more than just photos to her and her new husband on their biggest day. We have the best job in the world. We get to be with people on the biggest celebration of their relationship, how many other jobs share the same benefit?

That’s why we love bridal experiences. Why will you? One of the main reasons our brides have told us they love the experience is because it saved them time in their timeline on their wedding day. Weddings days are busy! Timelines are tight, you have a lot to do, if you could do one of those before, reduce your stress, and save time why not right? The last thing our brides want to have happen is something causes you to be behind and you only get 8 bridal photos before you walk down the aisle.

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Are you planning on doing a run through with your hair and makeup artist in preparation for your big day? Why not since you are all fixed up make the day out of it and meet us for some beautiful photos? Using this as a great trial run and saving time on your wedding day… like my mom always says, need I say more?

“You only do this once!”

Alright y’all I saved the best reason why our brides love these sessions. It adds to the experience of being a bride. You only do this once! You get the chance to get dressed up and look your best one extra time! with all the anticipation rising of your upcoming day this little addition is sure to have you feeling like a princess, and every bride deserves to feel that way at least once.  Having the full bridal experience!

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