Amanda’s Bridals

September 4, 2019

Yall, first can we just take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous Amanda looks in this shot!!!

Look…to be honest…these photos have been hard to not share beforehand because EVERY SINGLE ONE is just amazing! Kala and I are thrilled to finally post these photos since as of Saturday they are no longer the “Amanda Bridals” but now the “Mrs. Repass Bridals!!”

So, day of the shoot Amanda and her mom, Susan, drove all the way to Blowing Rock to one of our favorite spots to shoot, and the weather was absolutely perfect! Almost as soon as she was out of the car Amanda had all the normal pre-bride-jitter-questions. “How is my hair?” “What do you think about my makeup?” “Does my dress look okay?” All easy questions for us because I mean the girl looked flawless!! Not to mention Kala and I have agreed Amanda must have taken some modeling classes before the shoot since she was a such a natural in front of the camera. Anyone that has worked with us in the past knows that I will stop a fake smile fast. We don’t smile like we’re at picture day in kindergarten…ever. It’s no surprise Amanda didn’t know how to fake smile. All genuine smiles, laughs, and even closed lip dimple showing off grins.

Bridal portraits are my favorite session (other than wedding day). For four main reasons:

First, we get to spend one on one time with just her and maybe mom or maid of honor.

Second, we get plenty of time to photograph every detail: rings, flowers, hair, dress, makeup, necklace, train, and shoes.

Third, we get to help her feel the most beautiful she has ever felt.

Fourth, we get to really know her, how she is feeling about things, her other vendors, her wedding party, her wedding plans, and even her wedding day worries.

Why is this important to us? All of these help us to serve her better on her day. As wedding photographers, we are the only vendor that almost never leaves your side for your entire wedding day. Having a close relationship with our brides allows for us to not only be a photographer but be a photographer that adds joy and enriches your day. During her bridal session Amanda was complimentary, sweet, and loving; she was not just a bride but a bride that added joy and enriched our day.

We are proud to be her photographers, and to finally share these with you.

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