Alexis & Brandon Engagements

September 6, 2019

I would like to tell y’all that all the traveling Kala and I do as photographers we never get lost, but….. that would be lying. Everyone that drives knows the driver’s main job is to drive and keep everyone alive. The passenger’s main job is to keep good music on and be able to navigate, because even with technology and Google Maps sometimes you need to know where you are going before she says, “TURN RIGHT NOW!!” Just in case you are wondering 98% of the time I, Reg, am the driver. The other 2% of the time its Kala; maybe I had a little too much wine, or possibly an allergic reaction like what happened earlier this year, you can read that hilarious experience here. This day we were in the majority and our poor, patient, beautiful couple Alexis and Brandon were behind us as we drove up a random, one lane, washed out dirt road completely lost. I’m not saying it is Kala’s fault we were lost…. but she was the one watching Google Maps. Luckily Kala spotted the correct location up on the opposite hill, one tight three-point road turn, and a few minutes later we arrived.

 Alexis and Brandon are two charming love birds, sharing a love of reading and spending time together. This couple was so fun, they were up for all kinds fun couple-ish photo ideas. Alexis had the best idea of a retro style library shoot which is where we started. Big thanks to the downtown Morganton Library.

Afterwards we went to exploring downtown and stumbled upon the cutest ice cream shop! Rolled and Toasted invited us in, for photos and two cones for our bride and groom to be. Outside we were able to get the best summer in love photos ever! Alexis and Brandon laughed and shared ice cream with each other and created the most adorable romantic photos. With golden hour running low we rushed over to a new venue in Morganton, The Twisted Mule and by rushed over I mean we rushed over and then proceed to take our previously mentioned detour down buckeye holler on the wrong side of a mountain.

With just about 20 minutes to spare we captured some remarkable engagement photos with the abundant green mountains flowing behind Brandon and Alexis. They were all smiles during the time, Kala and I truly felt like we were peering in on a moment that they were having with each other. Alexis and Brandon were so pure with each other it was a special to be a part of. We are privileged to work with them over the next year. 

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