Vicky & Josh’s Wedding!

October 25, 2019

Have you ever sat down at a table with some folks you don’t know and just click with them? When we sat down with Vicky and Josh earlier this year in Raleigh, we immediately clicked with them. We learned a lot during this conversation with them. First, they had to be the one of the cutest couples we have ever met. Second, they were good people. Just how they spoke to each other, spoke about their families, and conducted themselves you could tell they were very sweet-hearted individuals.

When we met up with Vicky for her bridal portraits it poured the rain. I’m talking looks like you are fresh out of the shower, soaks you to the bone, squishy shoes type of raining. If you missed that story you can read it here. And wouldn’t you know it, day of their wedding we have a tropical storm sliding up from the gulf to make an appearance for the McGee wedding. Of course, we kept our fingers crossed all day it would hold out.

 One of the most important parts of the day for Vicky was the first look with her dad. A special bond could be seen between them; Vicky wearing the tiara that he bought his princess, as her dad turned the corner both forced a quick smile then gave in to the happy tears and embraced each other.

Vicky and Josh both prayed with each other their respective parties and their pastor before the ceremony started and tucked themselves back in their suite just for a few moments before the ceremony was to begin.

As the ceremony music started the guest settled in their seats in the beautiful All Saints Chapel in Downtown Raleigh. Josh and his groomsmen entered from the front of the chapel with the officiant. The doors were opened at the back of the chapel and the bridesmaids started their march down the aisle. Before the bride was to enter the officiant had one last charge to the groom; an affirmation that he was to take her as his bride and to provide, protect and love her as Christ does the church.

Directly following was one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding is next. It is also one that Kala and I love shooting since we are a team. The moment that the bride, Vicky, walks in and the reaction of each to seeing their spouse to be.

As the doors opened you could visibly see the sensation of love on Josh’s face as he seen his bride for the first time. Gliding down the aisle with her daddy on her arm Vicky reciprocated the emotion. After some pastoral advice, exchange of vowels, the giving of rings, and the I dos, Josh and Vicky finally shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

Sticking to our timeline and hoping the sky hold out for another 45 minutes giving us time for family formals, bridal party photos, and Vicky and Josh’s husband and wife portraits.

Now let me tell yall, Josh and Vicky have a big family! So, the wedding coordinator, Jordan, worked to corral all of the family, and usher the remaining guest down to the cocktail hour. With the lightest sprinkles of rain starting and just to keep things moving we grabbed the wedding party for their photos. Just take a look below guys, don’t this wedding party look like they are something out of a New York Editorial?

We were able to work our way all the way through almost half of the family formals and would you know it, the rain started increasing from a drizzle to a steady shower, sending us inside. To save time and in an effort to dodge the rain, Kala, Josh, Vicky, the videographer Robbie, and I hopped in our Ford Escape and slid across town to The Dillion. These two are so natural with each other. They did amazing. One word describes the photos. Gorgeous.

Once we were back the couple were announced in for the first time as Mr. and Mrs! Vicky and Josh then shared a dance with her dad and his mom. A quick glance around the room and you knew you weren’t alone in wiping your eyes. All three of these dances were so beautiful to behold.  

After dinner toasts were made. Vicky and Josh couldn’t ask for better best friends. Amanda was the first to speak, recalling times with Vicky. She even finally told a story that had been sitting heavy on her chest about Vicky and Josh’s first date. She recalled how Vicky came home, and just burst into tears, Amanda asked concerned if it was that bad (probably about to enter best friend mode, and Josh would have been on the lookout), but she was surprised that Vicky’s response was no…it was that good.  

Chas was next. I don’t know what it is about grooms and groomsmen lately, but their true friendships have been hitting Kala and I right in the heart. Chas was no different. He spoke about how they were only in school together before middle school before they were separated because of logistics. How they kept in touch and how Josh stopped being a friend years ago…and (grab tissues) started being his brother. Vicky’s dad ended the toasts with a short and sweet welcome, and well wishes to the newlyweds.

A simple elegant cake cutting, bouquet and guarder toss, and the dance floor was open! The floor was bouncing! I didn’t expect for half of the guest to make their way to the floor and stay there all night.  They line danced, hip hopped and slow danced for hours. I can’t forget to mention Josh and his aunt cut the dance floor in half, I’m pretty sure I seen flames shooting out the bottom of their shoes. Best dancing we have seen this year!

Before everyone left Josh and Vicky wanted a group shot to include their guest. It looks amazing! We are so happy for the McGee newlyweds and we hope you love their photos as much as we did.

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