Fall Mini’s at Point Park

October 31, 2019

Traveling is a part of the passion. Especially during the Fall months Kala and I know we are going to be on the move, we start planning our Fall schedule before Summer has even started. You would think we would have some type of apprehensiveness when we look our Google Calendar that has all the weeks, days, and times filled with color. BUT WE LOVE IT! There is so much excitement, it is such a pretty time of year, everyone is happy, and the intense North Carolina summer heat has faded away. Since today is the last day of October, we want to share a record that we have set! It’s the number of photos we have taken this month. Can you take a guess how many? After a full month of weddings, engagement experiences, bridals, family sessions, and mini sessions on both sides of the state, we took just over 38,000 photos in 31 days! This is 100% because we work with the finest clients! We couldn’t be more excited! We love each of our clients, and this isn’t just a cute verbiage that we say, we really mean it. If you’re one of our clients you sincerely hold a special place in our lives. We adore being your photographers.

We were speaking to one of our new clients yesterday via Skype; we were chatting how this is the only job we know of that we can literally become part of your family; it’s the only job we know that we can take a selfie with you and it be completely ordinary. Lawyers can’t take selfies with their defendants after a case, or police officers with their arrested fugitives riding in the backseat! We value your relationship immeasurably. Getting to work with clients for years is one of our biggest rewards. This past weekend we had the best of both worlds. Three families we have worked with for 3 years or more, and for two families it was there first time in front of our cameras.  

Our first Fall mini session in Hickory this year was also one of our first clients…like ever. Looking back at some of Angels photos from 5 years ago, I’m not sure if she really liked our work or just liked us! We were just learning, and starting out (thankfully our work now is far superior and consistent unlike back then). Angel now has 3 year old twins, Abel and Addie. There is no doubt that she has her hands full with these two, thankfully GiGi Angie is always close by! As soon as they got out of the car the super social little mayor Abel started shaking hands and making friends. Asking if I wanted to follow him, even though he didn’t know where we were going. Little Addie always beside her brother but more reserved and forward thinking. Even laughing at the comedy of her mom, having to run down Abel when he got a wild hair to run across the park! They did fantastic for the photos. But the most full circle moment for us was when these babies came up to hug us bye and thank us when they were leaving. Ugh! All the emotions!

Parents Shonda and Billy brought their gorgeous little girl Zoie. The Abernethys were early and visibly excited for Zoie’s first photos with us! She’s a petite cutie that loved her camera time for about 15 minutes. Usually when you are working with babies on average they are great before 8 or 9 months old, then go through a rough patch of “this isn’t what I want to do or cooperate” until about 2 years old. Zoie was out of the social norm. She’s at an age where being mobile means she can do her own thing and photos typically aren’t high on the list. Zoie went against the grain and modelled like this was her day job and being cute was just a side hustle. We are so excited to share her photos!

Tyler and Ashley are a family that we have been around for a while now. We always have such a blast with them. Pretty much because even before their son Max was born, there has never been a dull moment with Tyler around. Ashley has the world’s greatest set of patients because to keep the mood light Tyler is always messing with her or just doing something inappropriate which we find hilarious! Max made sure we were quick on the trigger last weekend. We are positive he got the mischievous gene from his daddy. Ashley and Tyler did share a hilarious story of Max Trick or Treating. This being the first year he really could understand what was going on he like most kids was a little apprehensive at first, after about the 5th house Max understood that the candy goes in the bag. So as he approached each home, and knocked on the door he in true mob boss fashion pointed to the bag and let the home owners know exactly where they could put that candy, “in the bag.” What a character!

We first worked with Erin and Justin at Erin’s brother’s wedding. Erin and Justin were a part of the fun in Kerry and Ashley’s bridals party. We were able to be there for their gender reveal announcement of Ms. Rhen Mae, and now the Sigmans just shared they are expecting a little BOY! We are so happy for them! There is nothing better than walking through life with this family from couple to one baby, and now to children! Erin definitely makes pregnancy looks effortless. You would think she walked right out of a ‘Parents’ magazine article. Rhen Mae did such a great job with her portraits. Doesn’t she have the sweetest little smile? As their session finished and they went to leave Rhen Mae said smiling in the cutest voice, “Bye Reggie, see you next time.” Ugh yall…that’ll hit you straight in the heart!

Jacklyn and Nic brought their son Anderson to wrap up our minis this year. Guys scroll down and look at this little boy. First thing you will notice is he is extremely handsome and just looks like a Baby Gap model. Am I Right? Second thing you will notice is the look he gives you. I can’t tell if he was analyzing us or judging me. Even made me a little self conscious, I started thinking how I hadn’t been to Camp Gladiator in two weeks and I’ve probably put on some weight. If my hair looked alright or that my beard was a good length…wait wait wait. He’s 1. I got all worked up for nothing, he was just trying to figure out what was going on is all. Whew! But seriously guys, he did give us a some great smiles, with his deep dimples. Jacklyn and Nic are expecting their next son in late November! You can even tell in their photos that Jacklyn is definitely glowing! Congratulations again guys!

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