Christmas Tree Farm Minis!

November 20, 2019

Y’ALL IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME!! I know Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet…BUT ITS CHRISTMAS TIME FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! Look guys this is my and Kala’s favorite time of year for a couple reasons. Number One if you haven’t caught on, it’s Christmas! Second this is the time of year that we get to see a few of our favorite clients! Third we always get to meet new friends that we haven’t worked with before! This year we were at a new location we’ve never been to before, Helms Christmas Tree Farm in Vale. If you are waiting for Thanksgiving to get a tree well slide over to their farm they have hundreds of beautiful trees! It really is one of our favorite times of the year. If you are thinking about skipping through this and not reading it, your going to miss the best part. One of our young friends opened up for the first time to us revealing their secret crush…which is mine too!

Melia, Cory, and Kenzlee were a new set of friends that were worked with Saturday, as well as the first family of the day at the Tree Farm. Little Kenzlee just turned a year-old last week and she was sure to let us know that Kala and I were on notice. Y’all this beautiful little girl mean mugged us for most of the time we had together. But she couldn’t keep it up for long she slipped up and we were able to see that pretty little smile! We are so happy for this adorable family; we want to congratulate Melia and Cory as they prepare to say their vows this coming May!

Abel and Angie were next. Abel and I met back in our tire slinging days and I didn’t realize how great of a model he was! I mean can’t you guys just see how much these two love each other. Talk about raw talent in front of the camera, these two didn’t even need much guiding when it came to being natural and candid! They must have read our tips on posing. Don’t you love the way they smile at each other! AHH all the heart eye emojis!

So, if y’all have been paying close attention you have already noticed that we just seen Zoie a few weeks ago. We met her for the first time during our fall mini sessions in Hickory [you can read that blog here]. Zoie did AMAZING then! Her mom, Shonda decided to work with us again for some adorable Christmas Tree photos. Little Ava joined us as well…take a second to look below…I’ll wait…this little Ava has some personality, and she knows she is a junior model. I still can’t get over how blue Zoie’s eyes are! We absolutely love our new friends and can’t wait until we see Zoie again!

Opie and his family were next. We were so excited to see Opie again! He visited us last year for Christmas minis at Taylor Made farms in Taylorsville, NC. This time Opie, the puppy, brought his favorite person his Grandma, Cindy. Last year only he, his dad, Andrew, and aunts Joey and Erica had their portraits made as a surprise for Cindy. This year his aunts brought their significant others, Eric and Wyll, his new cousin Kona the pretty girl on the right, and both grandparents Mark and Cindy joined in on the fun! They did amazing! Opie knows his role in the family as the leader of the pack! Help us wish Opie and his family a Happy Howlidays!

Okay guys, as promised I am going to tell you which of our favorite little clients revealed their secret crush to us and who it is. So, let me tell you about Ben and Tekoa. These two are one of our favorite clients to see every Christmas. I’ve literally known Ben since he was born, but Saturday this little guy finally let loose with us. First of all, he dabbed on me which I wasn’t even ready for. Ben broke out in a Fortnight Dance that rivaled that of Napoleon Dynamite, and he was super sweet being a little man with his mama, Tekoa. Then suddenly in a moment of transparency Ben let me know with Kala and his mom watching, that he has a crush on BACON! I mean I completely understand how this is can be his first crush. I am just so happy to know that Bacon will never break his heart. Even though this Kids Gap model will be a definite heart breaker himself. 

We can’t wait to see all of our Hickory area friends again next year!

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