Christmas Minis at Water’s Edge at Tart Farms

December 3, 2019

If you’ve been paying attention you know that Christmas is our favorite time of the year. Busy, but none the less our favorite. We had two different sets of Christmas minis this year. One on either side of the state. One set which already took place in Vale, NC [you can read that blog here] and this set in Benson, NC! In North Carolina the average number of rainy days in November is 8. Last week we hit one of the 8 rainy days. Luckily the Water’s Edge at Tart Farms have the most beautiful bridal suite, so we were able to adjust inside! I didn’t realize while booking these sessions that almost all these families were related somehow! This made it perfect for allowing families to combine for group photos they may not get elsewhere. We are so happy to share these with you!

Starting the minis were Marsha, Clay, Makenna, Walt, and Eli. These guys were hilarious. The siblings giving each other a hard time had us rolling. Makenna didn’t really need us there, basically a photographer in the making, she should write her own posing guide. Eli overcame his fake smile during the minis, which apparently has been topic of conversation for years. The group right behind was Clay’s sister Paige and her family, so we were able take advantage and have everyone in for a group shot and even just a cousins photo.

When working with Paige, Jessie, Maddox, Avery, and Briggs we found out quickly that Avery was shy and Briggs was ready to smile! Maddox being the older brother was reserved and such a great listener, trying to do what he needed to but also help his younger brother and sister. We weren’t getting a smile out of little Avery until her favorite person, Uncle Jerry showed up, his family was next in line for minis and her face lit up when she seen him!

Natalie, Jerry, Vance, Carlie, and Gracey…let me say this loud for those in the back…DID AMAZING! First look at Vance, two words — model material. Then Carlie and Gracey both posed like this was their day job and school was and after thought. Natalie and Jerry were so funny in their couple portraits. The little things they kept saying to each other to smile kept making Kala and I laugh. Combining three of the families, we were able to place all the cousins together in one photo and then add their grandparents. Introducing himself like James Bond, Stevens…Greg Stevens and Bethany jumped in with all their grandchildren!

Creating a small break in the run of families was Katie and Tyler. These two will be getting married Saturday! Let me tell you guys we are excited to be their photographers then too! Katie is always talking about shooting on her good side, but if she has a bad side then…both of my sides must be horrible. Katie and Kala are always teasing Tyler and myself on how we look like brothers. Him being the tall, dark, and handsome one, while I’m the shorter, chubby, but overall better looking one. [I need a laughing emoji here] It’s always like an ongoing double date when we are working with these two, and that didn’t change for their Christmas minis either!

Allyson, Clint, Tucker, and Grant followed. You know how back in the ‘90s everyone used to call little boys with a lot of character “hams?” Well this sums up Tucker and Grant. The question was asked which one is more mischievous and what happened next was perfect. Grant raised his hand and Tucker pointed to his younger brother! This family did so well, a few of their shots just reminded me of the classic Christmas photo you’d take as a family sixty years ago.

Little Luke and his parents Lauren and Daniel were our final minis of the year. Luke 17 months old was way more interested in playing ball than taking Christmas pictures…duh. He did settle down for a couple and is a little charmer. Lauren and Daniel are expecting baby number two!! They are doing something I don’t think Kala and I could do. They are waiting to find out what the baby is until it’s born! I feel like the surprise would be great, but the not knowing when we could know would torcher us! Be sure to congratulate them!

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