How to Avoid Meltdowns with Your Kids during Family Photos

October 30, 2023

Family Photos, Avoiding meltdowns with kids

As a parent of two boys 5 and 3 and with twins on the way, I cherish the opportunity to capture those precious moments of joy and innocence in photos. However, as any parent knows, children’s unpredictable behavior can sometimes lead to meltdowns, making it difficult to achieve the photos or maybe the experience we expected. With a decade of experience, I’ve picked up some valuable tips to help make our family photos and yours as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Choosing the Right Time:

Scheduling the photoshoot at the right time and location is crucial. I take into consideration the kids’ routines and energy levels when planning. If they normally nap at 3:00 pm, then maybe the mini session in December isn’t the best time for your family to have photos. Opt for summer minis instead that will be after their nap.

Communication and Preparation:

Prep older kids. We find this works best for kids 4ish and up. Explain to them what we are doing, and ask your photographer if they can see the back of their camera so that the kids can understand what they are doing. It will make them want to do more photos even if it slows the process because they want to see them all.

Patience and Flexibility:

Patience is a virtue when working with kids. Stay calm and maintain a positive attitude, even when they don’t immediately cooperate. I promise when you’re the one having your photos taken, you feel like it isn’t going well, but your photographer has definitely gotten more than you think. Flexibility is key too. Sometimes, I need to adapt the photoshoot to accommodate their needs and interests. Maybe we’re throwing leaves in the air instead of standing still.

Use Props and Distractions:

Props can be a great way to keep the kids focused and entertained. We often use their favorite toys, bubbles, balloons, or stuffed animals to grab their attention. These props also work as distractions if they start to feel overwhelmed or restless.

Involve Family and Friends:

Having family members or close friends around can make the photoshoot more comfortable for the kids. Their familiar faces provide comfort and encouragement, making the experience enjoyable for everyone. So bring Nana and Pawpaw or their favorite aunt if you think it’ll help!

Take Breaks:

Kids have short attention spans…adults do too we just don’t admit it, so schedule a break during the session. This gives them time to rest, have a snack, or do a different activity. These short breaks prevent exhaustion and help maintain their enthusiasm.

Be Prepared for Meltdowns:

Even with all our preparations, meltdowns can still happen. It’s a part of parenting. We make sure to have essentials on hand, such as snacks, water, tissues, and a maybe change of clothes. When meltdowns occur, offer comfort and support, knowing that it’s just a temporary setback.

Capturing beautiful moments with your child through photoshoots is a delightful way to preserve memories for years to come. By following these tips, you can minimize the chances of meltdowns and ensure a smooth and enjoyable photoshoot. Remember, the key is to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere, allowing your child

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