Becki’s Family

November 22, 2019

So we have been Becki’s photographer for years. She is the owner of Beyond Appearance hair salon in downtown Hickory. Last time we were sitting in her chair and she mentioned a session with her entire family we were all for it! Fourteen people, as in 1 – 4! A third of which are under the age of 4.  Becki being the oldest sibling and the liaison to the entire family made sure everyone was knew they had to be on time! She may have missed the memo herself…but we just said she was fashionably late.

At first the cold didn’t bother anyone especially the kids, in between shots all the boys were running around throwing leaves at each other, doing…you know boyish things. Which gave us a chance to get photos of all the parents and grandparents in their own family combination too. One great thing about little boys is even thought they are wild and full of energy, they can be the sweetest people on the planet. Kala asked all five of the kids to have a seat and give a big hug! Eliot seen this opportunity to turn on the charm, breaking pose and running over to give her a big hug! I literally watched Kala melt in 40 degree weather.

One of the most fun times of the day was remaking a photo with Becki and Grace from 12 years ago, when Grace was about 5.

This family matched so well without being matchy that we couldn’t get over it! I mean take a quick look at their photos, these are definitely going into our personal style guide that we send out to help our clients!

We were so happy that we were able to grab photos of Sofia and all of her girls, (Becki, Beth, Grace, and Sarah Rose). As well as her with each of her grandbabies (Cooper, Jamison, Finnegan, Eliot, and Emerson).

As the sun started to set the babies started getting too cold. We made our way to the cars and little Eliot even stole a blanket of ours to help keep warm and began calling it his! Of course I didn’t blame him, I am pretty sure I lost some dexterity in my right hand from all the cold weather. To let the little kids thaw out we placed them inside the car to shield them from the wind, but Kala and I kept Michael and Becki out for just a few couple photos. You could never tell that we were shooting over the hood of a Buick and captured these amazing pictures!

We were so thankful to be able to share this time with our new friends and these photos with you now!

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